Take Your Gaming To The Next Level By Building Your Own PS4 Controller!

For someone who loves gaming, the need for a good modded controller cannot be underestimated! If you have a hectic lifestyle and don’t have enough time to go to a store, then you can simply select and buy a custom controller for your PlayStation online. With the option to build own Custom Controllers PS4, players can now decide how they want their PlayStation to look like and other customizations.


With PS4 custom controllers online stores, players can enjoy the whole new gaming experience. With these options, users can choose every single detail about their controllers. Playing on your PlayStation is not just about high quality graphics. However, one can’t deny the fact that even the best players rely on their controller to a large extent. Sometimes this is the reason why players with custom controller have an edge over their competitors. Now can get your PS4 designed precisely with custom controller options for PlayStations. The best part of the customized controller is that people can have a look at how the controller would look even before placing their order.


How to get your PS4 controller customized?


Customizing the PS4 controller involves features such as choosing the color as per the choice of user, customizing the parts of the controller, changing other appearance by choosing a particular pattern or design, choosing the functionality of the number of buttons that the controller can have, choose high quality graphics, choose custom text on the controller and finally deciding the finished look for the controller. One now has the option of choosing hardware upgrades on the controller and customizing it accordingly. One can even choose the accessories required for customizing the controller.


To build your own PS4 controller or custom Xbox 360 Controllers, you can begin by customizing the outer shell. You can customize the outer shell in various colors and select whether you want a high gloss design or chrome design or patterned design. Then you can choose the colors you want on the ABXY buttons, the D-PAD, the thumbsticks L and R, triggers, the start back buttons, touchpad, guide button and much more.


If you have selected plain color, then you can choose whether you want to give it a splattered look. Then you can add custom text on the controller and choose where you want the text and finally choose the font and font color. You can then choose to upgrade Rapid Fire controllers by choosing the razorback maxfire modchip. You can also upgrade it by adding the left domin8or or right domin8or or both. These extra buttons help in reducing the hand movement, and reaction time. One can even make it more personal by adding a logo of their choice. All you need to do is upload an image of your choice and leave the rest to the experts.


There are numerous online websites that help you build your own customized controller for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, XBOX One and XBOX 360. Make sure you choose websites that offer at least 6 months warranty on their products. Look for customer reviews to determine whether the websites deliver the products in time and also the quality of the products.


Take your game to the next level by building your own PS4 controller!

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