Historic Preservation Calls for Permanent Paint

With over 350 years of architectural styles evidenced in its home design portfolio, Andover represents not only a treasure of historic preservation but also an opportunity for individuals and families to attempt restorations all their own. Rehabilitating vintage properties can be tricky, though. When people who understand the ins and outs of restoration projects make decisions regarding painting, they choose professionals for application and consultation. Professional painters know that the best choice for restorative applications is permanent coating in Andover, MA.

Because history and reputation matter, the best team for your restorative painting project should be Lifetyme. Offering products designed with the harsh winter climate of the area in mind, this company delivers the most protective paint coating possible. In fact, permanent coating in Andover, MA does more than beautify the color and surface of the exterior. It also protects that surface from rainwater and snow permeation, pests and other damaging elements that can mar the beauty of the property and affect its appearance and structure.

Over 12 years experience informs the Lifetyme team’s work, consultation skills and interest in making your home look more beautiful than it has in years for years to come. With this experienced and highly qualified group of people working for you, your home is sure to become known for its gorgeous presentation and the elegance the work to restore it represents.

While neighbors might choose lesser products in the interest of saving money, you should make a decision to invest in a paint job that requires little to no maintenance. Selecting permanent coating in Andover, MA is one way to free up time for your other restoration projects and for  your family. One of the problems many homeowners who have dedicated themselves to restoring vintage properties claim is that by the time one household project is completed, another started earlier is already running into disrepair. If you choose permanent coating in Andover, MA, your experience will be different.

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