React Native vs. Ionic- Find Out which One is Better for Your Business Mobile App

Gone are the days when a mobile app was considered as a luxury for the business. Advancing technology has paved the way for implementing mobility at the workplace irrespective of the size and scale of business. Today, it is possible for entrepreneurs to come up with a cross-platform business app even if they have a limited budget.

Thanks to the advent of technological advancements in the mobile app development, we have many advanced tools or frameworks for making feature-rich business apps that can seamlessly run on both major platforms Android and iOS. These platforms have rich libraries, thriving communities, and tools for advanced features.

Some of the noteworthy frameworks are Flutter, React Native, Ionic, and Angular. But then, this situation gives rise to a herculean question- which framework to be selected for your app?

We attempt to give an answer to this question in the blog. However, we will consider and compare only two highly popular platforms React Native and Ionic.  It will assist you to select the most suitable platform for your next app project.

React Native and Ionic Frameworks- Introduction

Before comparing these platforms let us have a brief introduction of both these platforms:


React Native

It is a JavaScript-based platform or framework that enables the developers to reuse the codes. It eliminates the need of building a new app from scratch. Facebook has released React Native in the year 2015.

Here are a few major benefits of React Native app development:


  • Codes can be used on both Android and iOS platforms
  • The platform-related issues can be resolved quickly
  • The framework is continuously improving and a few of the top companies like Instagram, Airbnb, and UberEats have relied upon this platform
  • The framework has a huge community of developers


Ionic is an open-source platform based on JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5. When it comes to look and feel of the business app, the Ionic application development could be your choice.
Here are a few noteworthy benefits of Ionic application development:


  • With one-time development, you can get an app run on Android, iOS, and Windows platforms
  • With a focus on UI design, Ionic can give a more interactive experience to the users
  • It facilitates app development as the developers can select from existing elements for building an application

The latest Ionic version is Ionic 3, which has amazing new features that can make the development process more advanced.

Brands like ChefSteps and Pacifica rely on the Ionic framework.

Now, we will see a few major points of comparison between Ionic and React Native framework:

- Design

Ionic development services emphasize more on design. The Ionic framework enables the app developers to use elegant components that are unavailable in the React Native framework. If appearance is all you want in your business app, the Ionic has an upper hand over React Native.  

- Performance

React Native gets full marks here. Apps made on this platform can offer excellent performance. The reason is- The Ionic framework uses webview in the mobile application development and it impacts the app performance to an extent.

- Community

React Native has a vast community of developers along with a variety of plugins. It is an active and helping community. On the other hand, the Ionic framework has also a huge developers community but it lacks in plugins.

- Cost

When it comes to the app development cost, an Ionic app is cheaper than React Native. So when there is a budget constraint, Ionic app development services  are preferable over React Native app development.

Summing up, when it comes to design and app development cost, the Ionic framework excels whereas the React Native framework takes good marks on the fronts of performance and plugins.

Tips for Selecting Right Framework

You may find it a little confusing, therefore, here we give some important tips to select the right app development platform for your project.

If you want an app with an excellent design with a pleasant UI in a cost-effective way, then you should go for an Ionic framework. But here, you may have to compromise with the app performance as compared to the React Native framework.  

The React Native framework offers you a seamless performance with all necessary plugins. But, here you need to spend more bucks as compared to Ionic app development. What’s more, the React Native app development is slower than Ionic development.

When it comes to performance and efficiency, React Native has an upper hand, but Ionic overtakes it in the app appearance and cost-effectiveness.

Do you know that the React Native framework is continuously updated thanks to its developer, the social media giant Facebook? The Ionic framework does not updated so frequently, and therefore, if your app is a complex one with robust features, it is better to go with React Native.

Concluding Lines

Still, if you have any doubts regarding to the most suitable platform, it is better to consult a React Native or Ionic app development company. A reliable and experienced mobile app development service providers can better guide you on this topic as per your project and business requirements.

We offer enterprise-grade cross-platform mobile app development services for the global corporate clientele. Our high-quality React Native and Ionic application development services are cost-effective and customized for addressing the diverse business requirements.




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