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125 Mini-round aspects 0. 070 diameter Flat coils 0. 088 x 0. 165 sample Mini-flat coils 0. 051 x 0. 090 random sample 80-20 Nickel-chromium coiled resistance wire Stainless steel tube basic Insulated with MGO (magnesium oxide) Totally annealed to relieve stress Teflon insulated flex leads basic Armor sleeving over flex lead Internal thermocouple Clamping strap 5970 Unity Drive Suite A Norcross, GA 30071 770-840-9811 800 -303 -4705 Fax: 770-840-7514 Mc, Goff-Bethune functions Barber-Colman temperature control and Yokogawa procedure temperature level control, thermocouples, and MACO.

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Using you a complete choice of items which include nozzle coil heating unit, flexible tubular heaters for hot runner manifold, sealed nozzle heating units, coil heating systems, high density cartridge heater and micro tubular coil heating units. I Found This Interesting . Cost: Rs 650/ Piece, Get Most Current Rate Minimum Order Quantity6 Piece, Voltage220-240Heater Product, Chrome Nickel Steel, Size, Dia 25mm X L 25mm (minimum)Power+-10%Brand Name, RHDimension Tolerance, Heated Length +-2%Driven Type, Coil Nozzle Heating Unit, Feature, Stainless Steel Sheath Tubular Heating Aspects in Round/ Flat Sections are used as Heat Source.

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Extremely advised for processing heat resins to get rid of early failures due to burn out/ procedure material leak. Heat transfer is based on conduction in addition to on radiation principle, which not just enhances the thermal performance but easy to put together on nozzles as no pressure on heating surface area is vital.

Coil Type Nozzle Heaters are specially designed to avoid the failures of heating units against the leakage and contamination of plastic material at nozzle position. This heater can fulfill the higher temperature requirement prior to molding at nozzle position. Production Capability: 10000 systems in a month, Shipment Time: 3-4 working days, Product packaging Information: Extremely protected box packed Approximate.

700 Degree, C/ 1290 Degree, FBrand, RAGATIYA HEATING SYSTEMS (RH)Voltage230v, Heating Unit Product, Stainless steel, Material, Stainless Steel, Size, Length 6inch onwards, Heater Type, Flexible Manifold Heating System, Tolerancewattage +- 10%/ Length +- 1. 5%Forming, Straight, Size, Dia 6. 5mm & 8mm, Temperature Level, Optimum 1000 Degree V ACProduct Type, Flexible heater, Flange, Finned, Current Leakage< 0.

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