The World of Luxury Accessories

Several of my most recent articles concentrate on the growing luxury market within the fashion world.  Now more than ever before the divide between normal fashion markets and the more upscale luxury levels are very much divided.  On one hand we have shoppers who shop because they need new products.  For instance with back to school season upon us, this group of shoppers will hit the stores to purchase new clothes and school supplies for their children.  They shop because they need to as it's a necessity.  They have a budget what they can spend on each child and usually stick to it.  On the other hand, we have the luxury sector who does not need to shop out of necessity.  This group is not most of us who buy because we need to add to our wardrobe, or replace an item.


The world of luxury shoppers is a pretty and glossy one.  Many of them shop because they can.  They enjoy shopping and see it something as a sport.  There are many stores and shopping centers that cater to the luxury shoppers.  These stores stock only the best of what fashion has to offer.  Their buyers scour the globe for what's hard to find and exclusive.  They know their shoppers well and they want to own something different, expensive, and amazing.  The luxury shopper also likes to purchase products that not everyone else will own.  They don't want to show up at a black tie gala wearing the same gown or jewelry as someone else.  This shopper lives in a bubble compared to the rest of the world.  When they enter a department store, they are immediately taken care of.  Many luxury shoppers have a personal shopper on speed dial.  These personal shoppers work for high-end department stores and boutiques and they notify VIP shoppers when they receive new items they think said important shopper would like.  Of course now with the abundance of smartphones, the shoppers are notified via text.


Luxury shoppers are especially tuned into social media.  Across all socioeconomic channels, Instagram is the clear winner and favorite.  I've written about Instagram before and how easy it is to use.  It's no surprise that the luxury shopper loves it as well.  There are plenty of Instagram posts/updates showcasing exclusive products such as alligator designer handbags that appeal to the luxury consumer.  Luxury shoppers love accessories.  Many of them have separate closets dedicated to only handbags and accessories.  This consumer often carries a different handbag each day of the week.  But like other shoppers, the one at the luxury level also loves their smartphone.  The world of luxury accessories is well stocked with designer iPhone cases.  iPhone cases most favorite by high-end stores are by PLIA Designs.  PLIA Designs makes absolutely the best designer iPhone cases.  These iPhone cases are in such high demand, that nearly every department store and boutique that carries them has a waiting list.  I've heard from countless luxury shoppers that their designer iPhone cases of choice are from PLIA Designs.  I see why this brands' cases are so popular.  They have intricate designs that do not compare to anything else on the market.  The best designer iPhone cases on the market are by PLIA Designs.  Who knew the world of luxury accessories would have something we can all purchase.

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