Everything You Need To Know About HCL Dosing Pump
Everything You Need To Know About HCL Dosing Pump

An HCL dosing pump is a displacement device that’s meant to pump a chemical or substance, at a particular flow rate, into steam, water, or gas. There are different methods to operate a dosing pump at a specific flow rate of a substance or chemical. However, the process generally involves pushing a particular amount of chemical into a water, gas, or steam chamber and further injecting that volume of substance or chemical into a tank or pipe that’s being dosed.

Types of dosing pumps

There are four types of dosing pumps that vary in their pumping mechanism, application, pressure, and action.

  • Diaphragm type (constant injection): These pumps fill/empty the chamber via a diaphragm, piston, and valves on inlet and outlet. The dosed volume is injected at a specific speed when the pump’s chamber is filled with the piston at the maximum flow rate. These pumps are considered to be very accurate for delivering a constant flow rate of the product.
  • Diaphragm type (pulse injection): These pumps use the diaphragm mechanism but these are controlled by a solenoid coil, instead of a constant flow rate. This, however, makes these pumps less accurate because the product is delivered with a time gap. These can be purchased at cheap prices but are operated by an outdated technology.
  • Lobe type pumps: These are designed to let a particular volume pass through a complete set of meshing type impellors. The volume passed through these impellors is not very accurate compared to the diaphragm pumps. They can even easily wear during the functioning. So, you need to use them only when the product viscosity is high for self-lubrication. This will reduce the wearing of these pumps.
  • Peristaltic or lobe pumps: These pumps are specialized for offering accurate dosing. They have flexible tubes for passing the product conveniently. The tube forms a semi-circle on a mechanical arm that further moves onto the outer side of the tube.

Dosing Pump Suppliers:

There are various suppliers of dosing pumps across the globe. But you must only rely on the most professional and reputable HCL dosing pump supplier. This is because they have been in the market for a very long time and have established themselves as a top-notch manufacturer and supplier of these pumps.

Uses of dosing pumps:

Dosing pumps are used in various industries for water treatment, industrial manufacturing, agriculture, mining, and food processing. Usually, dosing pumps are needed to inject a product within a fluid stream to cause a physical or chemical reaction to alter a product’s pH to the desired level.

They can also be used for dosing chemicals into the water stream to make products. This process can be used in forming a particular consistency of fiberboard, glue, etc.
An HCL dosing pump is powered by a small air actuator or electric motor. It can be controlled by an internal or external system for altering its flow rate and monitoring various functions such as degassing, on/off function, and sending warnings for low production levels. Dosing pumps are essential for various industries, so they must be of high quality.  

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