7 Things Your Competitors Know About Studying

You've been drowning in work, assignments and overall issues while your peers get straight "A". You simply end up upset and tired with no more strength to go on. Have you ever wondered what their secret is, though? Studying and learning new material is always hard. Not everyone can do it quickly and grasp the concept of being an excellent student.

Well, it seems like you don't know all the tricks for studying. Don't panic, because we're here to help you find out some of the life hacks to make your time in university or college more fluid and uncomplicated.

1. Broaden your ways of learning tough material

We're not here for boring notes and an hour of straight-up cramming data in your poor head. Search up different ways of learning material such as flashcards, colorful notes, presentations and more. Creating stories or songs with complicated info is another original way.

A good plan would be studying in small bursts of time, just like workout or try out a Pomodoro technique. 20-40 minutes of active learning and taking notes and up to 10 minutes of rest is recommended to achieve good results. In this case, rest means taking a nap, eating, having a walk or meditating.

2. Treat yourself with a healthy approach

Being healthy touches both your diet, mental and physical state, and you shouldn't negotiate it. If you're going for snacks during your studying time, you should choose fruits, greens, nuts, and seeds. They can increase your brain functions. Stay hydrated at all times. Drinking a glass of water every hour or so is also a great way to let your brain rest.

3. Ask for assistance

Social media platforms and various apps only help us communicate and get all the help we need, and there's no shame in it. It doesn't matter if it's just you asking for notes, paying for an assignment to your friends or getting assistance at Edusson – having others to help you is a fantastic way to get your grades growing up. If you're likely to go old school, asking your professor or tutor to explain you a question better is just as great.

4. Organize and keep distractions away

You wouldn't believe this, but you're spending a fair amount of time just searching for your studying essentials and checking your phone notifications. Organising your workplace and turning off all the unnecessary devices can make a fantastic change and shorten learning time.

5. Change your workplace

If a simple organisation didn't work, you could try and change your workplace. Go out to the park, settle in your favorite coffee place, and explore the options! Changing up your usual environment can significantly activate your brain and motivate you more, especially if you're used to background noises while working. Including ambient noise may calm you down and make you focused.

6. Gather a group of friends

Another motivational approach is to gather a bunch of friends to study together. Exams usually happened at the same time so even if you're studying different subjects, you can simply learn in silence, where everyone would be focused on their work and won't disturb you. On the other hand, if you share a subject, it is much more simpler to quiz each other.

7. Read out loud and write information down

We've already mentioned the colorful notes before. To remember the material even quicker, you can always try to read out loud and write all of it down in pen, not type on your laptop or computer. Try out a method of teaching yourself, where you can explain the information out loud.

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