Mumbai: The Bollywood Film city of India

Ae dil hai mushkil, jeena yaha,

 Zara hatke, zara bachke, ye hai Bombay meri jaan…”


Mumbai, where everything is a hustle and everybody is at rush and running to somewhere, where time tells the tales and people of different taste coexist, the charm of this city lies in its people and their stories. Where all of us exist in so many frames within frames, so many contexts, boundaries, thoughts and illusions, this city has captivated hearts of millions which now reside in the precious corners of Mumbai streets, each telling an anecdote that echoes from within its walls.

Vasai Fort or Bassein Fort is one of the most interesting things to visit in the whole of Mumbai city. This fort was originally owned by the Portuguese Army but later overtaken by the great Marathas. The fort is surrounded by sea on all three sides thus making it a beautiful spot to enjoy. Hiking up to the terrace of the fort is the most thrilling experience and admiring the surrounding beauty is a favourite activity of the tourists and local visiting here.

Amidst the glamour and dazzle of Hollywood, our film capital, Bombay as they still like to call it, has established a firm Bollywood industry, which is the biggest in the whole world. Early Indian cinema was quite to an extent influenced by artists of Parsi Theatre who resided in Bombay. Parsi portrays blended realism with fantasy, music with dance, narrative with spectacle and dialogue with stage presentation. – an approach adopted by early Indian filmmakers too. Hence, Mumbai became the base of several filmmakers and studios since then. Bollywood's film production center is a government-owned studio facility known as "Film City" in the northern suburbs of Mumbai. Bollywood traces its start to 1911 when the first silent Indian feature film was released by D.P. Phalke. The industry boomed and today there are over 250 theaters in Mumbai alone.

Having talked about that, Bollywood industry produces over 1000 films per year of which only some are shown. Another point worth-mentioning is that Bollywood is just the part of Indian Film Industry, which also encompasses many other language film industries. Regional cinema has taken a new approach altogether these days and its importance has also increases which is good news. Indians love movies, whether it be cringe romantics or serious dramas, we never fail to portray sugar-coated, overdramatic depiction of every scene because we won’t mind extra spice, would we? With the coming generations, Bollywood film industry has gained popularity so much as its moves appeal to a much wider audience of all segments. The city of dreams, the city which never sleeps, is the city where hundreds of enthusiastic people come to fulfill their ambition of becoming actors and directors while only some slip in through. Mumbai is a city you can look up to for any kind of profession, where people come and never go back disappointed because they are sure to find something suiting their caliber, has given warmth to all. To the rest of India, the charm and appeal of Bollywood holds true for Mumbai as well. I call this city and its film industry a beautiful chaos, just the right word to define its core.

If you want to reach Mumbai then you can use all transport medium. Railway is main and most popular transport medium of Mumbai. The main thing is just pre book your train ticket online for great offers and enjoy travelling. It’s a magical city with a vibe that cannot be felt anywhere else.

 The ‘B’ in Bollywood stands for Bombay. So if Bollywood is not in Bombay, where else would it be?

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