Access To The Indian Railway Train Status Made Easy

Indian Railways networks are the world’s fifth-largest train network in the world and the title comes with a lot of obligations. A galore of people daily commute through the Indian Railways, the inexpensive ticket is the major reason for the same. Though some airlines keep their price pretty reasonable there are still not as affordable as the Indian Railways which makes it the passenger’s choice all over the country. Though there is no denying that Indian Railways suffer from a lot of loopholes but the Government is doing everything in its power to overcome these adversities and improve the passenger experience.

Ways to check the Indian railway train status

Technology has speed rocketed in the last decade, computers have become smaller and more accessible so getting information is just a few clicks away. We have come a long way from standing in long ques and the same can be said for Indian Railways. A few years from now no one would have imagined tickets can be booked 120 days before the travel. And that is just the tip of the iceberg, you can make tatkal bookings, live track your train, train enquiry, see the arrival time, and even order food. All of that just with your little smartphone in your pocket.

Earlier when people relied on old-school methods to travel things were way to complicated. Long lines on the information booths, inquiry offices bombarded with people, train delays, and a faulty system of information dissemination. Though regular travelers didn’t have much problem as they had a good idea about the system and act accordingly, the sufferers were the occasional boarders. Today one can simply go on the official websites or any travel portal to access the necessary information. Though we have apps and internet backing the railways it’s the simple SMS which is the most effective way to get information. One just needs to send a message to a specific number and get instant information.

Other improvements revolve around comfort and convenience of the passengers. All the way from building more comfortable berths and seats to ordering food from lavish food joints, the Indian Railways have it all. Delays can be minimized and they have but sometimes you are left with some extra time at your disposal, what you will do? Fire up the internet as 400 major railway stations will be equipped with WIFI service.

Every chariot is incomplete without a horse; hence every train needs a high-speed engine. Trains today go from a 165 kmph to 200 kmph which used to be a dream some years behind. Trains like the Indian Gatimaan Express closes in a 200 km distance in just 1 hour and 41 minutes! Also, the train tracks for goods will be separated from that of the passenger trains. This will boost the delivery channel, passengers don’t need to wait hours on odd stations just to deboard the cargo, hence improving the train’s arrival time.

Then again Indian railways have become quite particular about their services and customer satisfaction. The access to PNR number has bequeathed power in the hand of the passengers. You can check the status of your train ticket and can seek redressal if the train takes more than 3 hours to depart. Though we still need to go a long way, these points surely point towards improvement of Indian Railways. You could also download apps such as Trainman, which helps in checking their PNR status, seat availability, and so on. You could download such apps to ease your journey.

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