5 Marketing Tactics That Need To Go In 2019
5 Marketing Tactics That Need To Go In 2019

We simply cannot ignore the power of social media influence and the way it has revolutionized industries all over the world. Whether you are running home-based, small scale business or running multi-national business empire you need social media presence on multiple platforms to interact with your fellow competitors and clients across the globe. Social media has provided an outlet for the clients to directly reach the company staff no matter in which part of the world they are, this personal interaction and positive feed-backs can grow your company exponentially in short period. When it comes to running business successfully we opt for solutions and strategies that have been trial and tested for good, however when it comes to marketing tactics you need to shift gears quickly to stay ahead in the lane.

The marketing strategies can easily make or break your company in one go therefore most of the owners rely on previous successful tactics nonetheless as the world is changing speedily by every hour so are the marketing tactics. Using old marketing schemes reflects poorly on company’s reputation because of the repetition it looks outdated and boring which can make your customers go in another direction. There are some marketing strategies which have worked successfully in the past but they need to get retired, like:

Not keeping Up With All Social Media Sites

 99% of the companies are linked to more than one social media network and some of them fail to keep up with all the platforms equally. When you are launching any campaign or sharing your content, you must make sure that the content is posted on all the platforms so that users of different networks have equal opportunity to acknowledge and benefit from all your campaigns. No show on any social platform makes the users of the particular site feel neglected that can affect your customer flow considerably. It is very important that you keep a balance on all your social media accounts and update them regularly so that you can attract customers from different sites to the maximum. 

Following-Tagging Social Media Influencers And celebrities

You followed a celebrity on a social network thinking they will follow you as well definitelyworked in the past, however, now it shows that you are desperate for more followers. Tagging influencers to get more views and hits from their followers or thinking they will share back, is less likely to happen if they are not aware of your brand and products and have not been associated with it personally. If you want influencers and celebrities to share your content or links, than you have to involve them in your campaign. If they believe in your campaign then they will on their own share your content and urge their followers to do the same.

Sharing Content Without Visual Aid

It is all about visual content these days. It has been estimated that 80-90% of the customers follow online reviews and advertisement before making the purchase so it is very important that your content is visually stimulating. Posting all text makes it very plain and boring. Most of the followers scroll down without giving it a second look, and 25% customers lose the interest almost immediately. Pictures that include candid shots and videos with inclusive crowd attract customers very rapidly. The creative and innovative videos attract 4 times more customers. To maximize your video views, try to create different content for each platform which will pointedly attract the users of the specific social network.

Automated Messages To Clients

One of the worst marketing strategies that should get retired as soon as possible is automated messages. The automated messages are impersonal and lazy; it gives the wrong impression on customers making them feel like you don’t care about them as an individual. The lack of personalization can be a big turn off and can visibly reduce their traffic flow to your venture. Try to connect with customer through live chat or by sending them personalized message, try to be creative with each of your message. It can be very tiring and time consuming composing different content for each message but it will be worth in the long run. Try to avoid automated email and messages, compose messages which is makes your customer feel like a valued part of your company.

Frequent Sales And Promotional Codes


It was one of the most efficient and quick ways to get an absolute customer traffic to your doorstep. It increased the number of hits and surge sales but it is very disadvantageous in long run when it comes to maintaining regular customers. The sales will give you an immediate traffic flow but the customers are not likely to return again when the sale is over. This will not even get more likes and following on your social media networks because customers are more interested in deals, promotions and saving coupons. The customers will not be interested in regular purchase and they will be demanding more sales and promotions which is going to hurt your sales profit. Thus, refrain from putting out clearance sales and saving coupons frequently to lure customers instead invest more in products, campaigns and built a healthy customer relationship which will make customers revisit your venue again and again with or without sale and special offers.

These are the five marketing tactics that were once were successful and helped to surge number of customers in past but now they have gone ancient now and needs to get retired as soon as possible. People have been through all these tactics again and again so when they are introduced to fresh new strategies they are more inclined towards them as they want to explore something new each time.

Tell me in the comments below which of these following marketing tactics you are still following? Do you agree that these tactics should be retired now? Suggest new marketing strategies hat you think are best alternatives to these strategies!

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