7 creative marketing ideas that you can utilize this New Year
7 creative marketing ideas that you can utilize this New Year

The greatest time of the year for marketers to bring in increased revenue? The holiday season. The sale season actually starts from October during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and continues up till the New Years. Also known as the Holiday season, New Year’s is the time when the stocks on the shelves are placed on for sale to create a room for the New Year’s stock. This is why almost all the stuff is seen to be on sale.

It is obvious that shopping and sales both go simultaneously therefore almost all the stores try to give maximum discounts to their customers. However, with so many brands offering deals, for standing out of the crowd, your business has to do something different


Apart from the pricing, it all depends on how you market your offerings. Customers shouldn’t only know about the existence of your offers but should be willing to spend on them. Wondering how to go about that?

We’re here to help you out. Here are 7 creative marketing ideas that you can make the most of this Holiday season. 

Offer something for free on purchase

This Holiday Season dominate the deal game by offering something for free to your customers on the purchase. This would give you an edge over your competitors and can boost your sales as well. A survey shows that 90% of the people who received free gifts were more likely to shop from the online store again.

Wondering why customers are attracted to freebies? You see, while a free gift may not alter their buying decisions, it does make the brand come off as genuine. Customers appreciate the effort a company puts in to really connect with them.

Free gifts increase brand loyalty and add value to the shopping experience. Moreover, customers are also more likely to recommend your store to others when they receive a freebie. 

Market your offers on social media

With the growing use of Facebook and Instagram, it doesn’t come off as a surprise that customers visit social channels before placing an order. 47% of millennials scroll through Facebook for deciding what they should purchase.

Keeping this in mind, it would be a good idea to run a paid campaign on the social media outlet. Video content should be the goal since videos offer more engagement. Moreover, teenagers are more likely to visit Instagram for shopping inspiration.

Two great features of the photo-sharing app that you can utilize include investing in story ads and adding product tags to posts. Both will also allow customers to jump to your website instantly.

Employ email marketing

Everyone has an email these days. We bet your customers do too. And email marketing is one of the best tools to make use of for promoting Holiday deals. As per stats, for every single dollar you invest in email marketing, on average you’ll get a return of $38.

80% of professionals favor email marketing for its ability to attract and retain customers. So, what you can do is get an email crafted that is sure to catch eyeballs. Mention your deals in big bold letters and make sure that the products are clickable for customer convenience.

If you don’t have an email list, consider compiling one by offering exclusive email-only coupons. You can also request people to subscribe by offering a percent-off offer on their first purchase.

Offer coupons as a last-minute tactic

Offering coupons and coupon codes is a simple and effective way of attracting customers. Did you know that 71% of millennials use coupons? One way you can offer coupons is before the customer is about to check out. This will make him stay on the page and see how valuable your deal is.

Coupon codes can also boost your conversion rate. Moreover, you can also offer downloadable coupons. Since they can be downloaded, this makes it convenient for shoppers to redeem the coupons. If you don’t have the time left to make a template for your coupon, you can use one freely available online.

You can also offer coupons for free shipping since a lot of people prefer to shop online without having to pay for the delivery charges.

Make use of the flash sale tactic

Another great way of marketing your Holiday deal is to offer a flash sale a day or two before it. Not only will the flash sale create the hype that you want but it will also make customers who are unable to participate wait for your Holiday deals.

Flash sales are a great way to up the traffic on your site and to increase the conversion rate as well. Moreover, flash sales can result in a 236% higher revenue. But before you go ahead and put up an announcement banner on your website, know this - flash sales can be tricky.

You should clarify any terms and conditions beforehand. Don’t forget to remind your customers that the sale will be back in a day or two so as to encourage them to participate during your Holiday sales season.

Make shopping easier by creating gift guides

With Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve ahead, of course, shoppers are looking for gifts to buy for their loved ones. There is no better time for them to do so that when a sale is running. This is why you should make gift guides for your shoppers to make buying gifts easier for them.

For example, you can create ‘gifts for her’ guide. If your guide is digital, you can make it available on your business’s website or via email. Stats explain this point further. On this day, from the $1,007.24 that each shopper spends, $637.67 is spent on buying gifts.

Don’t forget to promote your gift guide on your social platforms as well. You can also make the products clickable wherever possible.

Team up with other companies

Make your deals more enticing. Team up with other businesses in the area and promote each other. For instance, if you run a fashion business, it would be a good idea to offer a deal at an eatery on reaching a purchase limit.

When you collaborate with another brand, you are able to reach a wider audience. People are also able to see more value in shopping with you. In this regard, create irresistible deals. Co-advertising is another benefit that can be derived from such marketing collaborations.

When getting started to make sure that the company you want to partner with has the same goals. Research, planning, and organization are key.

Wrap up thoughts

Since Holiday season is already here, it's better you get started on with a marketing policy for it right now. While at it, be sure to blast your offers on social media and via email. You can invest in the making of gift guides as well. What’s more, you can also offer a flash sale a day before the New Year’s Eve and attract customers by offering freebies.

If you have not already started preparations for putting your deals on the table, what are you waiting for? 

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