5 Surefire Ways to Increase Your Property’s Investment Value



Housing prices are now continuously increasing. As such, it’s now the best time to invest in your home that is for sale. You can implement home improvements to help improve the value of your investment property over time. Doing it will help you capitalize its appraisal value to get the higher return if you’re selling your house.

As a seller, your house is your biggest asset, so taking care of it should be at the top of your priority. You have to make smart improvements such as keeping up with your repairs to increase the value of your home and get a good deal for your buyers. Here are a few tips you need to improve your property value.

Upgrade Your Kitchen

If you’re selling your house, then upgrading your kitchen will give you the highest return for your property. You can do a mini-remodel to the area. You can make it work by just changing its paint to a better one. You can also paint your cabinet with a faux-wood finish and get a cherry-like result.

Going stainless steel is also a great idea. Get your kitchen with a similar metallic look and make it as your hot ticket from your buyers. Aside from that, you can hang fresh new pots, pans, and a hanging wine bottle holder to achieve a new look with a modern finish.

You can also consider a kitchen island style that fits the overall design of your space. This style involves working on your countertop surfaces, and putting colors and accessories as well. However, you can contact Floform or other kitchen renovation companies for upgrading the area and help catch every buyer’s eyes.

Make Sure to Get a Curb Appeal

Does your house have curb appeal? Does it look welcoming and attractive? If you’re uncertain, then make sure to enhance your curb appeal and get a fresh perspective when it comes to your home’s value.

Make your house attractive at first glance by listing the ways to eliminate negativities and enhance the positivities. Guide your visitors’ eyes into your beautiful front yard by painting it with red color. You can also beautify your walkway by putting flowers or lanterns that are welcoming and inviting for them.

Your home will be more valuable if you let your neighbors pay attention with their appearance too. You can talk to them about keeping things clean and tidy to help boost all your home’s values. Aside from that, make sure also to work on your side and rear areas because buyers tend to walk around and check the whole property.

Small Improvements Will Pay Off

When you are selling your house, improving the decoration and making upgrades are both helpful to increase your home’s resale value. You can replace new permanent lighting and doors, and your old faucets as well. You can also upgrade your furniture, windows, and your artworks.

However, you can make other changes to your home for the next few months. You can upgrade your electric plugs to avoid fire accidents. Aside from that, you can also buy a small lamp to get a good and inviting lighting inside. Thus, one project every month would be enough to guarantee you in seeing its progress.

Beautify Your Bathroom

Beautify your bathroom by making necessary upgrades to keep it functioning well. Focus first on your faucet, change your old drop-sinks and upgrade them into undermount sinks. You can also get marble or granite for your countertops to get a modern look.

An excellent overhead lighting is also ideal in adding warmth and value to your bathroom. Aside from that, you can also add heated floors to attract your buyers more. It would also be ideal to install a shower with body sprays.

Keep the place clean. You can apply new grout to make it look fresh. You also need to remove the dirt, grime, and rust stains from your bathroom surfaces, and change the doorknobs and cabinets as well. Thus, let your buyers feel relax every time they step into your bathroom.

Hire a Certified Home Inspector

Hiring a certified home inspector is an excellent idea if you want to sell your property. Your home inspector will give you the necessary information you need before you put it on the market. He or she will assure you that your buyers will feel satisfied when they purchase your house and not asking for any other costly fixes.

The certified home inspector will inspect your home’s structure, roof, electrical, exterior, plumbing, HVAC, etc. Aside from that, he or she will also allow you to show these records to your buyers that prove your house is well-maintained. Thus, the inspector is essential to provide your buyers with a high-quality home to buy.


Selling your house is easier if you do necessary improvements and maintenance to it. Indeed, increasing your home’s resale value requires smart improvements and repairs to make it more attractive to the buyers. Thus, above are some of the tips to improve your property value and get the best deal in the market.


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