The Unemployed Need Not Apply
The Unemployed Need Not Apply

Saw an article recently on one of the online news sites that stated hiring managers and recruiters are no longer considering the long-term unemployed for work. The cut-off date for ‘long-term’ is currently six months without a job.

As most of us know, that’s not even close to reality for many of the unemployed. One year, even two years isn’t all that unusual, especially if the jobs in your industry have been shipped overseas (think customer service, high tech, etc.) or if you worked in a particularly hard hit field (construction, retail).

Even though you can’t change your past, you can minimize its negatives on a resume so that you are invited to interview. You can always ask for help in writing an attractive resume. And here, for example, you can also get qualified help, so do not hesitate, it is better to pay once, and then pay you a very long time. But if you want to write yourself, keep effective advice.

1. Have you started a home-based business – or an endeavor you would consider a home-based business – during your long-term unemployment? If you’re babysitting the neighbors’ kids, then you’re running a childcare service. If you’re baking cakes to sell at various restaurants to supplement your unemployment, then you’re also operating a business. The idea is to show the potential employer that you haven’t just been sitting back and collecting your unemployment checks.

2. Are you studying for new career? If that’s the case, then lead with your education and the new field of study on your resume, rather than with experience which will highlight your unemployment.

3. Have you done volunteer work that’s related to your career field? If you’re an unemployed event planner, but have organized dances and fundraisers for a local charity, then put that on your resume. Again, it shows that you’ve been doing something while you were out of work.

It’s important to remember that a resume is a marketing tool and that you’re the product. Showcase your strengths and how you’ve been improving your skills during your unemployment. Minimize the time you’ve been out of work.

A lot of success is about perception. If a hiring manager or recruiter reads your resume and feels your outlook on the job market is hopeless given your lack of movement within the last year or two, then you’ll never be called in for an interview.

Also, you should not forget about promoting your personal brand. What is it? Let's figure it out.

First of all, a personal branding statement is not the job title you currently have or the one you seek. So, it’s not Vice President of XYZ company or CPA at ABC firm.

A personal branding statement is a succinct acknowledgement of where your abilities lie and what benefit they bring to the targeted company.

For example: If you’re the CPA at ABC firm, with specialized knowledge of IRS audits, then your personal branding statement might read something like this:

CPA skilled in negotiations with the IRS, saving ABC firm, a Fortune 1000 company, millions of dollars in tax penalties during a 2008 audit. Credited with saving more than 50 positions due to successful negotiations with taxing authority. Considered subject matter expert in current and past tax code, enabling firms to budget accordingly, saving funds and increasing profits.

The above personal branding statement provides the following information:

1. The individual deals successfully with the IRS (very important to all companies)
2. S/he saved firm a substantial amount in penalties during an audit. (a major accomplishment)
3. Was able to save jobs (another major accomplishment)
4. SME (subject matter expert) on tax codes, using this knowledge for annual budgeting, thus increasing profits (a third accomplishment)

The above instantly tells a hiring manager or recruiter what this individual can offer their company and how well this individual will perform.

That’s a must on a resume or in a LinkedIn profile, and it’s what an effective personal branding statement contains. It should accurately state what you can do, while also showcasing and elevating your skills above other, similarly qualified candidates.

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