Rear Windshields: 3 Issues You Might Encounter

We often talk about the importance of windshield in a car – the front windshield. It imparts structural stability to the car while also acting as a protective layer from the external elements such as rain and dust and accidental injury while driving. However, amidst this all, the rear windshield also plays an important role. Unlike the front glass, the rear windshield is not made up of laminated glass. This is why one might find that, let’s say, a Swift front glass price is more than the price of a rear windshield.

Knowing more about a rear windshield

The construction of the rear windshield, as mentioned before, is different from the front windshield. Rear windshield is made up of tempered glass which is a high-grade safety glass also used in the side windows of the car. The difference between laminated and tempered glass lies in the after-effect of heavy impact. While laminated glass does not shatter, and its pieces remain stuck to the plastic interlayer of the glass sheet, tempered glass crumbles into tiny, powder-like smooth round pieces which do not cause any injury. This often means that if your rear windshield is damaged, it would be impossible to repair it.
Now, let us look at the four common issues that your rear windshield might face. Most of them are like the problems encountered by the front windshield.
1. Shattered glass

As mentioned before, the tempered glass in a rear windshield means that it does not crack or chip upon impact. Instead, the rear windshield shatters into tiny harmless pieces of glass. Thus, shattered glass will be one of the most common issues you will face with your rear windshield. As you might have guessed, in such a case, car glass repair is not possible, and your only solution will be to get the rear windshield replaced. You can easily find your car’s specific rear windscreen and OEM glass at your car manufacturer’s outlet and at reputed auto glass repair companies. Again, as mentioned before, your rear windshield, let’s say of an Alto, will be less costly than the Alto front glass price listed.

2. Leakage

Leakage detected in the rear windshield is rare. However, it can be still a major issue since one of the leading causes of such a leakage is that the rear windshield is incorrectly installed, or its urethane seal is loosening its grip. Leakage is usually detected when the occupants of the car feel air or a whistling sound coming from behind.

3. Moss deposit

If the car is kept locked in a humid and damp area without any light, then it might fall prey to moss deposit on the glass, both the front and rear windshields. Moss deposit can render the glass useless and replacement will be your only option.

We recommend getting your rear windshield inspected by professionals from time to time.

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