Compelling Reasons to Opt for Magento Migration in 2019
Compelling Reasons to Opt for Magento Migration in 2019

We are heading towards a new year with all new aims to achieve in terms of both personal and professional lives. Talking about professional endeavors, many of us (being online retailers) are looking forward towards growth opportunities and challenges arousing in the eCommerce industry.

Irrespective of various lucrative opportunities plus challenges, it is your eCommerce platform only that helps you to stand out with its powerful built. And, Magento is a perfect solution to opt for in 2019 that surpassed other options available in several ways.

Below, I have curated a list of some powerful features of Magento that will help you to become decisive while planning to set up online or migrate from other eCommerce platforms for better growth in 2019. Let’s begin!

➣ Open-Source

Magento offers a completely free Community Edition that is easy to install and use. With its impressive and world-class development built, you can easily accelerate website performance and promote your tailored eCommerce (with additional features & functionalities) by simply installing or developing Magento modules.

Magento marketplace offers you a huge library of modules that are ready to use and gets easily implemented in your Magento website.

➣ Multitasking

With Magento web development, you can easily perform multiple tasks parallelly without any interruption and this can save you a lot of time.

From the point of view of developers and merchants, they can also manage different tasks like product management, customer billing, and other related information via an interactive and user-friendly single admin panel.

➣ High on Performance

Performance is one of those parameters that ensure your online success to a great extent. If your eCommerce store fails on providing you with standard load time, performing static or dynamic operations, query processing time etc., then all your efforts of setting up online are in vain.

However, Magento web development offers you all and that too in an effective manner with an opportunity to optimize it further, in accordance with your target niche. With many modern technologies like Memcached, Varnish, FPC & optimized databases, Redis etc., you can satisfy your sprouting needs of online business when migrate to Magento.

➣ Multi-Source Inventory

Multi-source inventory is a wonderful feature of Magento 2.3 that allows you to easily connect multiple inventory sources with website. Also, you can choose a physical store fulfilling various conditions set by you via an algorithm of selection to ensure finer and streamlined delivery.

This new feature of Magento 2.3 shall allow you to enable multiple inventory sources reflection in Magento backend without integrating or using any additional Magento extension.

This is becoming one of the most favorable features of Magento due to the increasing no. of consumer base who is impatient and is not willing to wait more than 24 hours to receive an order. Having a sole location of your inventory storage limits your chances to fulfill this need.

Thus, a multi-source inventory where you can have distributors in multiple locations seems attractive and fruitful.

➣ Easy to Integrate

When you plan to sell online there are always fair chances to grow and integrate new technological advancements. So, you have to opt for 3rd Party APIs fulfilling the needs of payment, transportation, database applications, shipping tracking etc. to serve such needs.

And, Magento allows you to integrate such services easily and quickly. Along with this, Magento offers you built-in Google tools like Google Base, Google Checkout, and Google Analytics.

➣ SEO Friendly

An SEO friendly approach is quite essential for almost every online retailer to remain competitive in an eCommerce environment. With a constant splurge in the eCommerce industry, it has become important to increase organic web traffic of your website.

To support this SEO need, Magento offers you many in-built features like Sitemaps, URL Rewrites, Descriptions, Tags, SEO friendly URLs, Search Engine, Positioning Layer etc.

➣ Strong Magento Community

Magento is a robust eCommerce solution that is constantly being supported by a huge ecosystem of community developers, CEOs, project managers, bloggers, worldwide. This whole community collectively has played quite a crucial role in shifting this eCommerce platform to a whole new level over time.

Along with, Magento keeps on releasing security patches, other software updates etc. to ensure its safety, speed, performance while meeting the growing needs of end-users.

Final Words

Since its inception, Magento has always remained #1 and has gained an extreme appreciation of merchants & developers when it comes to building strong and profitable websites. For developers, Magento is preferred due to its flexibility as it can be molded in almost anything that retailers ask for.

And, retailers love it because of the ease to use, vast features & out of the box functionalities that help them to achieve tailored needs complementing their different business needs.

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