Have you ever bought a product without a packaging? You will most likely say no because we know that it never happened unless you are a ghost of some great-great-great grandparent. Packaging is all over the world! If we move back in time, then the products were still packaged but in a way that wasn’t pleasant to look at. People would justgladly get rid of the brown wrapper or a transparent plastic bag. The custom printed boxes you see now weren’t there to pamper the products back then. Coming back to the modern time, we see people adoring the packaging the moment they buy or receive. In fact, you will also see people taking pictures with the wrapped products and sharing them on multiple social platforms. So, what is about the new trends in packaging that is changing the look of boxes and making people fall hard for them? Let’s find out!
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Small Custom boxes:
Product Output isn’t only defined by its quality, but the structure of the packaging also counts a lot. No one likes to pick a heavy package and this is exactly why small custom boxes are the new trend in custom packaging solutions. Think about it yourself. Would you rather pick up a box that is easy to carry and handle instead of a huge one? By keeping the size small that completely fits the product inside is something that people admire.
Reducing the size also reduces the cost which is one of the reasons why companies go for small custom boxes. Just a slight attention to the size and your cheap custom boxes will definitely make an impact.
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Customized Wholesale Packaging:
Who would not want packaging that is effective, efficient and cost saving? And not to mention that it is describing your identity and brand in a way which sets you above all the marketing strategies. The good news is that the customized wholesale packaging can highlight the diversity of your brand which is comparatively more prominent when packages are stacked over one and another.
People can spot your product from the distance and they automatically know that it is YOUR brand! Customized wholesale packaging is not just important because it can give you impressive yet cheap custom boxes, but it is also beneficial in what it does: BRAND RECOGNITION. Are you looking for custom packaging solutions that can work wonders on your custom printed boxes? Well, now you know where to look for!
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Digital Printing:
We’ve already witnessed the industrial revolution-The Steam Engine, The age of science and the rise of digital technology. The universe of advanced printing is available to everybody. Computerized printing has enhanced the quality of packaging as far as getting quick outcomes. In the event that require a print work in a rush, computerized custom printing boxes is the regular choice. Digital printing is not only for international companies anymore, you will see many local and retail stores with custom wholesale boxes that have eye-catching digital prints on them.
With so many companies choosing digital printing, you may wonder that why it has almost everyone captivated by its charm? The reason is very simple and straightforward: people like perfection! That’s really it. Digital printing has altered the meaning of artistic designs into another level of comprehension. The innovation in interactive designs is mainly due to the digital printing technology but the person behind the structure also shares the credit. So, only if you are smart, you can come up with compelling patterns and catchy designs!
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Environmental Friendly Material:
Many of us are not aware but with the advancement in digital printing, we’ve been able to secure and create an environmental friendly surrounding; it omits and counteracts waste as it regularly utilizes considerably less than conventional printing. In customary printing, both counterbalance and flexographic takes a great deal of poisonous synthetic compounds to deliver a printed piece All on the whole, computerized printing decidedly impacts the earth by decreasing a significant part of the physical and compound waste that was predominant in conventional printing. Custom printed boxes are mostly manufactured from biodegradable materials like cardboard, corrugated, and Kraft paper so that they can be easily recycled.
                    custom printed boxes
Final Thoughts:
Present your items pleasantly through custom printed boxes and give your package a look that is obvious for much more noteworthy brand awareness and that too with wholesale discounts. It is time to mirror your logos, taglines, slogans, and brand identity that can effectively flaunt your overall package. The packaging industry is advancing and growing at a fast speed and doesn't hint at backing off at any point in the near future in this quick moving business sector. A Package isn't only a package yet is an outward appearance of what you are! So, pour yourself out in your boxes and make a difference!
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