What is Marco Polo Video Walkie- Talkie App? Is it Safe? Discover Tips to Use and More
What is Marco Polo Video Walkie- Talkie App? Is it Safe? Discover Tips to Use and More

Want to stay hooked up with your friends on a video chat all the time? Then, Marco Polo app is developed for an app alcoholic like you. Stay engaged with your friends using this revolutionary video walkie-talkie mobile application that’s available on iOS as well as Android platform. Send and receive quick video messages to your folks while doing the gossips. The Marco Polo mobile application has quickly gained traction among teenagers and adults who keep friendship above all else.

If trying hands on the trending app is your kind of thing, then let’s explore Marco Polo video walkie that has created a buzz on the streets. Here we go:

What is Marco Polo App?

Interested to know what is Marco Polo app? What the fuss is all about? It’s an instant video messaging application that’s rapidly growing its user base. The app asks you to sign-up with your mobile number, name and email address. As soon you get done with these formalities, it asks you to upload your phone contacts to their server. Once done, you can start video chatting with the contacts who are already using Marco Polo mobile app. You can create groups and add members to it just like WhatsApp or any other instant messaging mobile app.

The group members could access videos which are shared within the group. This amazing application comes with a unique feature that helps you withdraw or add more text to the videos anytime. The users could communicate with each other on a video call. Using this app is more like a video walkie-talkie.

A Few Interesting Things About Marco Polo Video Walkie Talkie App

1. Speak in Real-Time

Marco Polo app lets you speak with your friends in real-time. You can even send short video messages of a few seconds to your friends, unlike Snapchat. It frees up your hands as you don’t have to text your friends all the time during the conversation. It opens more lines of communication with your loved ones. Anybody could use it just at the touch of a button.

2. Connect in a Meaningful Way

Marco Polo video walkie is the brainchild of Joya Communications. Its mission is to let people feel closer ties with their friends and families no matter how far they live from each other. Stay connected in a meaningful way, the world is at your fingertips.

3. It’s a Top-Rated Mobile App

Rated 4.4 out of 5, the Marco Polo video walkie talkie has emerged as a people’s choice on the Google Play Store. It’s getting traction online with 84K reviews and counting. On the Apple’s App Store, the rating is even more impressive. Its rating score of 4.5 out of 5 on it is paving its way to top. Being ranked as 8th top free social free networking mobile application, it is acquiring a large number of users every day. So if you aren’t using it, you are missing a really cool thing.

4. Marco Polo Video Walkie is Made for All

The Marco Polo mobile app has been applauded by people of all ages. Not just for teens, but it’s made for all. Its flawless video chatting is of great convenience to people who find it boring to stick to the mobile’s keyboard while chatting. Keep that chit-chat going on in the most convenient way.

How Marco Polo App Works?

Now you have a fair idea of what is Marco Polo app, let’s help you know how this amazing mobile app works. It operates on a very simple mechanism that contributes to its name and fame among users of all ages. Forget chatting in the old way that keeps you indulged in to and fro messages. On the Marco Polo application, you can simply connect to your friend by hitting the Marco button. It will highlight your current location and then you can choose a friend from your contact list to start sharing a video message without waiting.

The app gives you full control over your location sharing with friends. If you are in no mood to share your current location, simply keep your emotions off as you start your chat. The mobile application is built as frictionless as possible for the users. Probably, this is the reason it's more addictive video chat app than any other app in the market.

How to Use the Marco Polo Mobile App?

Using Marco Polo video walkie app is easier than blinking an eye. With all great features available, it quickly connects you with the friends in the most engaging way. As soon as you download the application from the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store and finish installing it on your device, it asks you to upload your address book. Here are the steps to use it:

1. Tap on Marco Polo Application on Your Phone

Tap on the Marco Polo Application’s icon on your phone screen. As it opens, it will display the list of your friends who are already using the app.

2. Click on Your Friend's Avatar

To begin, tap on your friend’s avatar. You will see his picture if he has uploaded it if he hasn't yet uploaded any picture, then you will see a smiley face on the avatar.

3. Tap T to Include Text in Your Chat

Locate the T on the screen that’s usually on the lower-left side of the app’s screen. Tap on it if you want to add text to your Polo. You could place it anywhere on the screen by dragging the text with your two fingers.

4. Tap Pen to Illustrate Your Photo

You can use the pen available on the bottom-left side of the app’s screen to illustrate your photo. If you want to change the drawing color, tap on the colored circles to pick the one that suits you. Tapping the pen again after drawing the illustration will erase your illustration.

5. Choose a Filter By Swiping to Left or Right

When you tap the screen and swipe to the left or right, the different filters will appear.

6. Tap the Button “Tap to Talk” to Begin

To record your polo, you need to tap on the screen button “Tap to Talk”. As soon as you tap it, the camera will begin recording your Polo. Interestingly, there is no limit on the time length of your Polo as the app works on the principle of a walkie-talkie. The messages will appear to your friends in the real-time. The contacts watching your Polo will appear with their avatar on the top of the screen.

7. Locate Your Polos at the Bottom of the Screen

Once you finish sending a Polo, you could view your Polos anytime which you can locate at the bottom of the app’s screen. Tap any of the Polos to view it.

8. Tap Dots on the Upper-Left to Go Back to App’s Main Menu

You could go back to the app’s main menu anytime by tapping on the dots located on the upper-left side of the screen. It will take you back to the main menu of the app. These dots appear red if someone has sent you Polos but you haven’t seen them yet.

Some More Useful Tips to Help You Get Hold of the Marco Polo Application

1. Creating a Group in the App

Marco Polo app is fairly easy to operate whether it’s about creating a group or anything else. Just simply tap the menu button and tap “create group” option from the menu. Add friends to the group by tapping against their names, click next on the upper-right corner, give a name to the group and finally hit the “create” button. You are ready to chat within a group!

2. Using the Night Vision Filter

If you are at a place with limited visibility, swiping left on your screen will activate the Night Vision Filter. It would help you share Polos with better visibility even in the dark.

3. Using Fast Forward Mode

If you quickly want to go through the conversations you had in the past, the “Fast Forward” button in the app could help you. Just tap the Polo you want to check and hit the “Fast Forward” button to see your conversation at a faster pace. It is available at the bottom-right corner of the app’s screen.

Is it Safe to Use Marco Polo Video Walkie Talkie App?

Some people have a concern about privacy as it asks the users to upload their address list to the server. For your information, it is not the first app in the market that is asking for access to address list of the users. There is a long list of apps that are already indulged in collecting user information and they are safe to use. To get a better understanding of their privacy policy and data storage laws, you could visit their terms and conditions. However, parents might want to keep an eye on the teens so that they don’t send any inappropriate content online, even to their friends. Creating a consciousness among the teens is the only way to help them make the fair use of the app and enjoy the convenience it offers.

The Final Takeaway

In a nutshell, the convenience of video chatting that Marco Polo video walkie-talkie offers is second to none. The most interesting thing about this amazing application is that you can chat on the go. Where typical texting fails, the magic of Marco Polo app begins. What could be more convenient than connecting to your friends without the need for texting? Make the most of your time by keeping your hands busy with the daily tasks while you keep those interesting chit-chat sessions going on with your friends.

Want to build a video walkie-talkie app similar to Marco Polo app? We could help! We are Endive Software, the mobile application development company in Jaipur that has served some the most prominent businesses in the industry. We could add as many contemporary features in your app as you want. Just get in touch with us to consult about the mobile application building idea in your mind. 

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