Culture plays a huge role In our lives, creating a safe space for us as individuals, families and communities. But, many indigenous cultures are losing their identities due to rapid modernization and globalization. Most communities keep parts of themselves alive through cultural programs designed for youth. But for many, this is a battle easily lost. They require outside help, and that help comes to them in the form of many support groups including small grants for NGOs. Sometimes cultural support is required by a fringe group to explore newer ways of artistic expression or challenge ways that oppress a certain section of society. Non-profit organizations or NGOs are set up with the aim to keep cultural and social heritages alive, and ensuring harmony and growth. NGO funding sources are therefore required to keep the mission alive, and here we share with you the top 5 funding sources for cultural projects.  

The Japan Foundation (Japan) -  
With an aim to foster friendships with different nations and peoples around the world, the Japan Foundation was established by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan in 1982. The Foundation is financed both by government subsidies and donations from the private sector. It works to build trust through culture, language and dialogue.

Asian NGO (Asia)
Several philanthropic groups and corporate announce a project in which they would like to help a local community. The problem arises when local NGOs are unaware of the grants, or the means to approach the grantors. There are non-profit funding sources which can be availed by all NGOs in Asia. Asian NGO is an organization that acts as the bridge connecting NGOs with the large and small grants for NGOs. Members will get a notification and can decide if the grant is suitable to the mission.  

Sacatar Foundation (Brazil)
The Sacatar Foundation works as a residency program, encouraging individuals to explore and enhance the vibrant context of ‘Bahia’. At the Instituto Sacatar, each resident is chosen through a competitive process and spend eight weeks developing a deeper understanding of the concept. The Foundation also engages and encourages conversations about the community across a broader audience.  

Kalamandir (India)
The English translation of the name means a temple for arts. The Organisation is synonymous with “Social synergy and human harmony’. The mission is achieved through the promotion of India’s rich tribal arts, extensive culture and transformational music. Kalamandir books and CDs are distributed amongst the children to keep people of the county connected with the rich cultural heritage of the tribal, visual and other ethnic arts.

Institute of International Education – IEE (The USA)
As the name suggests, the Institute of International Education or IEE aims to promote education across cultural and geographic boundaries. They believe when education transcends boundaries, it enables people with different perspectives to learn about newer cultures. It leads to an exchange of ideas which promotes a greater and better understanding between individuals, communities and cultures.
There are several NGOs across the world supporting and promoting the upliftment of its people through knowledge and adoption of arts and culture.

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