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The Most Awsome Things About working from home

If there are clearly enough benefits to prove working from home is better for everyone involved, then why do people work in the office still? One of the main reasons some employers are still against the idea of working from home is down to the lack of trust in their workforce. As quoted by Cary Cooper – Professor of organisational psychology and health at Lancaster University Management School “Managers want people in the office because they want to see their little empires in front of them…and the incompetence of managers who don’t know how to manage people remotely”.

Smaller companies are unfortunately one of the worst at trusting their employees to work from home in comparison to larger corporations. Despite a friendlier and more intimate office environment, there’s a sense of bosses needing to know their employees every move, which is highly influenced by autocratic management.

Some of the reasons why companies shy away from allowing employees to telecommute:

  • Lack of trust in employees
  • Not all jobs can be done from home
  • Working in the office isn’t seen as “that bad”
  • The law
  • Technology (or lack of)


  • Productivity is a common theme and an issue amongst employers who are sceptical about letting their employees work from home.
    • There’s a common misconception of home workers getting easily distracted – but an interesting study found that 1 in 3 office-based workers admitted to experiencing an average of 10 distractions per day!
      • 44% of home workers actually reported fewer distractions, and 45% reported increased productivity.

Tips on productively working from home

Are remote workers more productive than in-office workers? In short – yes. But many people can lack the discipline needed to stay motivated. We think working from home doesn’t come down to willpower, but rather a set of guidelines that can help you maximise your working day:


  • Actually getting dressed for the day than sitting in your pyjamas can give you a sense of determination and urgency to get your work tasks complete.
    • A professional outfit can help you feel more productive and change your outlook on how you view your working day.


  • Multitasking is actually bad for the brain. Texting, sending a funny selfie on snapchat or that hilarious cat video might do wonders for a dopamine hit, but not so much for your productivity. Research from the University of Sussex found that avid multi-taskers had less brain density in the brain region responsible for cognitive and emotional control (known as the anterior cingulated cortex).


  • How you create your workspace really is down to your preferences. You have the ability to run wild by designing your perfect space – one that inspires you to work.
  • The perfect place to work in your home is one of the most important things in order for you to feel both comfortable and productive during working hours.
    • Whilst working from your bed might seem like the most comfortable option – it actually confuses the brain by lowering sleep quality and encouraging lethargy, two things you definitely don’t want to be experiencing in a place associated with sleep and rejuvenation.
  • Have a desk that’s faced against lots of sunlight in a quiet room, is well ventilated and free of clutter.


  • It’s important to keep a schedule of when your team is online the most, and windows where you’re most productive.
    • Be as active as you possible can during group chats (that are actually work-related), then schedule your deep-rooted work for when you’re feeling most productive in order to maximise your time whilst working from home.


  • We’re generally able to fully focus on a task from anywhere between an hour to two hours straight at a time. But after that you need a good 15-20minute break to recuperate before focusing on the next task.
    • Powering straight through can actually be unproductive as you simply cannot finish tasks efficiently t the same standard. Split your day into hourly windows (or a stretch of time that works best for you) and set breaks in order to get work done more efficiently.


  • Your workspace needs to look productive in order for you to be Purge out what doesn’t need to be in your home office and remember to keep on top of it before it gets out of control.

Designing the ideal work from home office space

Whilst the prospect of working from home is incredibly exciting, it can pose a productivity risk if your office space appears ‘too’ casual or isn’t completely separated from the rest of your home. When working from home you have to be strict in the physical boundaries of your working space and your home.

Before you begin – ask yourself the following about your home working space – by answering these questions you’ll be able to devise a plan for your home office that best suits you:

  • What kind of work will you be doing?
  • Will clients be visiting you?
  • Will colleagues come over for meetings?
  • Do you require specialist equipment?
  • Where will the bulk of your work mainly be carried out?
  • Are you going to be video conferencing?

Common mistakes when setting up a home office

  • Not creating enough space for work resources
  • Or filling empty space with irrelevant items that could be used more efficiently
  • Thinking you can tune out loud noises (such as a TV or outdoor traffic)
  • Compromising on equipment quality which could make difficult jobs harder to complete
  • Lots of wires everywhere

Things to consider when setting up your home office

Working from home as we’ve discovered has a variety of benefits. An optimal work-life balance, no need to commute and the freedom to design your own office that’s solely dictated by you – but what do you need to consider before setting up shop in your home office?

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