The basic guide to hiring a slip and fall attorney

Are you wondering if a slip and fall accident really needs a lawyer to file a lawsuit? The answer is yes, you need a lawyer to recover compensation from the negligent party. Now, the question arises, what does a slip and fall accident actually mean. It is the simple slip and fall case due to the risky condition on someone else’s property. The condition may sustain severe injuries of various levels or even it may be life-threatening sometime. A slip and fall accident generally occurs when someone slips on a slippery floor, a waxed floor or a freshly washed floor without necessary warning signage.

Accidents also may happen when you are tripping on an ill-fitted carpet or a damaged one. Regardless of the severity of the slip and fall accident, you must hire an expert lawyer from a reputed firm who is specifically experienced in filing these types of cases. Make sure that the attorney is capable enough in ensuring the maximum monetary recovery from the negligent party.

How does a slip and fall accident occur?

Hundreds of possibilities exist there how a slip and fall accident can occur. Though they are countless, some common categories are there into which we can count many of them. A reputed attorney or a law firm needs to be sure that he/she can efficiently encounter slip and fall injuries including the following:


Wet floors or slippery or parking lots

Tripping on uneven tiles or similar type of other floors

Damaged, cracked or raised sidewalks

Elevated floor or a sudden change in the floor level

Narrow or uneven stairs

Broken railings

Insufficient lighting arrangements in darker places such as a dark staircase

Damaged or uneven carpets or rugs

Cables or appliance cords stretched away on a busy pathway


A spinal cord injury, broken bones, back injuries or traumatic brain injuries occurred due to the above-mentioned negligence, you will experience a severe effect on your health, leaving you unable to join office or inefficient to earn according to your previous capacity. As the worst alternative, maybe you will unable to perform your basic tasks. Whether you are severely injured or not, a slip and fall lawyer will commit you to protect the legal rights and then will ensure that you don’t combat with monetary hardship due to someone else’s negligence.

Choose the best slip and fall lawyer:

Once you have decided to file a slip and fall lawsuit for financial recovery, it’s the time to select your attorney who will represent your case opposite to the negligent party. Always prefer a lawyer who is specialized in this category. When you are confused, ask your family and friends who already have dealt with such conditions. Also, search through the internet to find out an expert lawyer. Hundreds of sites are there to locate a suitable local attorney to represent your case. Here, you also can go through the specific reviews left by the previous clients of a lawyer.

Determine the liability after a slip and fall accident:

A successful lawsuit of a slip and fall accident consists of something more than just depending on the victim’s word that the injury was entirely sustained due to the property owner’s negligence. Sometimes, it is really important to understand that specific conditions always need to be considered before filing a slip and fall accident case. These may include:

What is the exact response that the property owner had? Your lawyer will try to find out these factors. Now, these obligations will always vary depending on whether the accident premise was commercial or a residential one.

The severity level of your injury or your loved one’s is continuous.

Now, your personal injury lawyer miami will determine whether these conditions are truly satisfied to conduct a free consultation schedule and finally file a slip and fall lawsuit.

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