Thinking of buying a hookah bowl? Here's what one needs to know about John Bowls

Thinking of buying a hookah bowl? Here

There are many hookah smokers out there who are always fascinated about knowing and trying out various hookah accessories. There are several accessories which one needs to buy to get the desired hookah session with dense smoke. Out of all the accessories, the hookah bowl is one of the hookah's essential accessories, which one needs to buy to enjoy a long-lasting hookah session. So, it is always recommended that one keep oneself updated and know all the features and various facts of all the latest accessories that one desires to buy.

john bowls

Don't worry if you have no idea about hookah bowls and what John bowls? I will give all my readers a brief overview of John bowls. So, without further stretching the discussion, let's jump into the main topic.

John Bowls:

It is one of the most popular and desired hookah bowls, which is the best option for all hookah smokers. This type of bowl will provide oneself with the most soothing hookah-smoking experience, which will be memorable to all the hookah smokers out there. There are various options of hookah bowls that are available for all hookah smokers. But since the inception of john bowls, this hookah bowl has been ruling the whole hookah industry, and it has gained its ever-increasing popularity and demand every day. If you are an experienced hookah smoker and have been smoking in the same hookah bowl for a long time, then it might be the correct time to switch to john bowls. This will also be a good choice for those who love exploring different flavors and various types of hookah tobacco. For them also John bowls can be the best choice according to me. If you had not owned john bowls, then trust me, you all are missing out on one of the best hookah bowls and my favorite hookah bowl. I will recommend this bowl to experienced and beginners to enjoy a perfect hookah session, and I can guarantee John bowls will be a satisfactory purchase for all hookah lovers.

Other Popular Hookah Bowls:

So, now one had a fair idea about john bowls. But, for beginners, this is not the only option for hookah bowls. Several other hookah bowls are available in the market, which one may also find as smooth as john bowls. So, here are a few most popular hookah bowls that are available in the market; these are as follows:

80 feet Hookah Bowl:

This is a trendy hookah bowl, and the main reason behind getting such popularity is that this hookah bowl is tiny and portable in size. This hookah bowl is trendy among beginner smokers who want a small hookah session that one can enjoy while having hookah alone or with a small group of friends. This hookah bowl is ideal for providing a hookah session of 45 minutes. If one is a fan of trying out various hookah flavors, then this hookah bowl will be the best companion for your hookah setup. This hookah bowl is specially designed for small hookah sessions as this has a small funnel which is best for hosting a small hookah session.

Harmony Hookah Bowl:

If you had never heard about this hookah bowl, then I am sure that you are a new hookah smoker. This hookah bowl is evenly famous among many experienced hookah smokers. This bowl is somewhere close toward the 80 feet hookah bowl. This hookah bowl is a little wider than the 80 feet bowl, but it is not as comprehensive as john bowls. As a reason why it is one of the most demanding and popular hookah bowls. This hookah bowl is elementary in packing whether one is a beginner hookah smoker or an experienced one. This funnel is very close to the last hookah bowl, but the length is slightly longer than that. This hookah bowl will provide the perfect dense white smoke from the hookah session if one can perfectly maintain the hookah bowl.

The Flying Saucer Hookah Bowl:

This name seems a little funny to many readers as I find this name very funny. Jokes apart, there is a reason behind the title of this specific hookah bowl. This hookah bowl is not similar to all the rest hookah bowls that are available in the market. The main attraction of this hookah bowl is that the holes in the middle funnel are not on the top, just like any other hookah bowl, including john bowls. The holes in this hookah bowl are just on the side of the hookah bowl, which makes it very unique and eye-catching to many hookah smokers. This hookah bowl is ideal for experienced hookah smokers where one is planning to throw a hookah party. One will be very fascinated to know that this hookah bowl is designed in such a way that this hookah bowl allows hookah smokers to overpack the hookah bowl. Not only that, this hookah bowl has a sound heat management system, just like the john bowls.

The Ferris Hookah Bowl:

This hookah bowl is a star on its own. This hookah bowl has made itself on this top list because it has the best heat management system. If one desires to use premium hookah tobacco or some premium hookah flavors, choose the Ferris hookah bowl. This hookah bowl may look a little small but let me tell all my readers that this hookah bowl can provide lengthy hookah smoking sessions. Another bowl may offer the same duration, but this bowl has something special within it only. The specialty is that this bowl has an inner lip which helps the overall heat and the tobacco stick to one place. But the packing area is much smaller than that of the john bowls. So this is my other favorite hookah bowl which one can definitely give a try. I can assure you that one will not repent to this choice as it's the very unique type of hookah bowl one will ever come across.

Is John Bowl the best hookah bowl?

I almost lost from the main topic, which was based on John bowls. Please do not assume that this is my fault, but the hookah accessories are so fascinating and have so many memories within me that it drives me to share the knowledge about the various hookah bowls and their specialty. They are now coming to the most popular question which may once have been in their mind.

This is very wrong to say that john bowls are the best hookah bowl available in the market. But I can definitely say that if one has the passion for trying out a premium hookah bowl for a lengthy and quality hookah session, then I will definitely suggest one use john bowls; one will definitely fall in love with this specific hookah bowl. So here are the few reasons behind the popularity of the john bowls, which are as follows:

Attractive Design:

This is the main rationale behind the popularity of this hookah bowl. One will definitely say "Wow" after one look at the hookah bowl. Everyone desires to buy a thing that will have an attractive design, unlike the regular hookah bowl. The color of the john bowls comes in various unique shades. Along with that, this hookah bowl looks very sober and sophisticated. One will definitely fall in love with john bowls due to the attractive design and the color of the hookah bowl.

Easy Maintenance:

Buying a hookah bowl is very easy, but after purchasing the hookah bowl, one must be aware that one has to maintain the hookah bowl after every hookah session regularly. John bowls are such hookah bowl which is very easy to handle and clean. The one who owns this hookah bowl is well aware that it is very user-friendly as it is effortless to keep it clean.

john bowls

Therefore, before starting smoking hookah and collecting various premium hookah accessories, it is essential to have perfect knowledge. Through this article, I hope one will get a proper insight into the john bowls. A perfect hookah bowl will provide you with the ideal hookah session which one desires to have. So, why wait? Own John bowls today.

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