Binoy Nazareth Shares His Dream Destination Bucket List
Binoy Nazareth Shares His Dream Destination Bucket List

Light up Your Life with Alaska’s Aurora Borealis


Want to weave your adventure with all that’s wild, wonderful and winsome? Come and enjoy my dream destination bucket list and go on a wanderlust journey. Open the doors to dream destinations that will help to power the inspiration to go on an endless sojourn. I have always longed for adventure and the opportunity to experience unique places. This time, I decided to discover the unique, unusual and unforgettable appeal of Alaska. Yes, of course I did go through several vacation websites and was totally convinced to embark on a memorable holiday in Alaska.


Come with me and discover extraordinary facts about Alaska. I had always been intrigued by the Northern lights or the famous Aurora Borealis that shimmers over Alaska and is witnessed by tourists from all over the world. This incredible destination is the only state that has coastlines which range over the Pacific Ocean, the Bering Sea and the Arctic Ocean. Can you imagine padding up with your warmest clothes in one of the coldest places in the world and taking off to explore the much-talked about 100 volcanoes and the volcanic fields? You can go hiking, fishing, watch dog mushing or just sit back and enjoy the scenic landscapes.


Enjoy a Natural Holiday in a Cool Destination


Discover a laidback holiday in a cool place where there is more inland water than any other state in USA. There are over 3,000 rivers and 3 million lakes in Alaska. Just imagine enjoying exciting sports like skiing, kayaking and mountain biking. I could just spend days in the great outdoors and explore the huge Denali National Park with its flora and fauna. With any amount of accommodations of all types, one can also find RV parks and camping grounds to suit hard-core Nature aficionados!


Have you ever thought about sitting in a snug restaurant all warmly clad and tucking into the most delicious Alaskan dishes? This has been topmost in my mind since I am an aspiring chef and adventurer rolled into one! Are you ready for Alaska’s mouth-watering and delicious dishes that evolve over scrumptious seafood, wild berry cobbler topped by your favorite wines and beers? This is the life…the real McCoy, I thought this is what happens when you set off to a natural sojourn, and your dream wish comes true with natural offerings. Alaska is a truly inspirational place which offers the most iconic dishes that range over food for the soul with wild berry jellies and jams. A true blue foodie could have a smorgasbord of delights with cold water seafood, game meats, sourdough bread, reindeer dogs, seafood chowder, black cod, prime ribs, smoked salmon, chocolate bread, gumbo, King crab and Eskimo Ice Cream better known as "Aqutak" or "Agutuk”.


Discover a Gourmet Smorgasbord

Refreshing…This is what I call a rejuvenating holiday where you need to blend in with the locals, eat like a local and breathe in the natural air at intriguing destinations. Open your mind and taste the essence of tradition with dishes made from walrus, fish, whales, moose meat, caribou meat, seal meat and oils which is not only delicious but also helps to keep one warm! Every holiday of mine has been filled with experience and learning which was needed to be in sync with my spirit of adventure which manifests itself in what I eat, where I choose to go and all of my passions!


Join me on my Alaskan sojourn topped to the brim with activities for all types of adventurers with zip lining through the Boreal Forest in Denali, going on a cruise or a fishing expedition. Breathtaking and brilliant, Alaska unravels the keys to its wondrous sights with The Great Land evolving over five regions covering the Arctic, the  Inside Passage, the Southcentral, Interior, and Southwest. Home to the home to the Inupiat Eskimos who still live there, the Arctic ranges out incredible sights. The Inside Passage holds the secrets of Alaska’s flora and fauna with lush scenes and fjords. The Southcentral takes you to view enriching experiences of wildlife viewing, hiking and world-class with innumerable lakes and mountains. With a hilly terrain, the Southwest evolves over hills and plains while the Interior unrolls the Tundra experience.


With awesome activities and events, you can take part in the Fur Rendezvous festival in Anchorage, Running of the Reindeer, dog mushing or absorbing the tranquil northern lights. But wait, if there is a vestige of a chef in you and if Alaska is the place which has taken you to the land of intrigue, then you must try uutngungsaat, mouse food, negaasget, iitat and marallat which are roots made in to a wondrous soup. With the ice-cold atmosphere in Alaska, the locals use the fermentation technique which preserves certain foods such as stinkeggs and stinkhead. Being a seafood fan, I am waiting to try out Crab-Stuffed Halibut, Spot Prawns, Caribou soup Oysters and a host of delicious culinary Alaskan skills.


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