IVR Dubbing and Voice Overs

IVR Dubbing is now used by a lot of radio stations across the world, in both commercial and non-commercial tracks. In fact it has become a popular past time for a lot of companies to create audio advertisements, which can then be used in interactive television commercials, or integrated within a voiceover call to call option. IVR Dubbing is not only useful for radio advertising companies, but also helps with creating digital interactive television promos. The technology has been around for years, but until recently it has only been used in conjunction with digital phone systems.

IVR Dubbing allows voice over data to be transmitted via an IVR system

This is achieved through the use of a computer program which runs on a dedicated server. A company will sign up with a hosted IVR service where they will have access to both the hardware and software necessary to create customized IVR calls. Once the system is set up, companies are able to place any number of themselves onto the system and call visitors over the phone via computer telephony.

When a live agent is present on the call

All calls are automatically converted to text. A company will need to purchase their own IVR equipment, but in most cases the phones used can already be equipped with the required software. Incoming calls can be replied to by text message. If a live representative is not available, a recorded voiceover can be used to conduct live phone interviews.

IVR Dubbing offers a number of benefits for companies. The main benefit is that it makes it very easy for companies to track their marketing campaigns. IVR dubbing records the call and stores it digitally. If a company wishes to pause a campaign, they simply need to log in to their IVR system. As soon as a pause is needed, a call can be placed - the customer can then listen to the relevant ad

 - If They Agree They Will Call Back

IVR dubbing also provides companies with the ability to handle multiple calls at one time. Instead of having to concentrate on one person at a time, the entire call can be handled at once. For example, if a salesperson needs to put the phone down for a brief moment, they don't have to worry about putting the receiver down first. They can then return to the call, where the sale is being made, and complete the sale.

IVR systems can also be used to provide live customer support by recording the telephone number and sending it to the company's email address. The audio file can be stored in the company's own system, allowing customers to call back whenever they want. By having this telephone number available for use with IVR solutions, a company will not only be saving money by not needing to buy new phone supplies every time they receive a call,

They Will Also Be Saving Money on Having To Recruit And Train New Employees

IVR systems are ideal for telecommuting employees, who may find themselves leaving their home or office to take advantage of some services that may be offered. A telecommuter can use a voice Overs IVR system by plugging in their telephone number and then selecting a predetermined IVR system. These systems allow them to not only take calls while away from home or office, but also to receive IVR guidance while they are actually at their desk

IVR solutions have revolutionized the way businesses use telephones. By saving time and money, companies have more ability to serve their customers. IVR systems have become such a popular choice that many companies have gone to great lengths to ensure that their IVR programs work as best as possible. In addition to programming the phones themselves, companies also use IVR voice Overs, IVR software, IVR phones, and other specialized hardware to provide their clients with the highest quality experience possible.


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