Should you choose marble or travertine flooring

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Natural stone flooring attributes to the stylish look of every property. Moreover, immediately after you have installed stone flooring, the price of the property automatically goes up. Stone tiles bring the colours of nature right into your house. There is a large variety of flooring you can choose from. However, two of the most popular stone flooring materials are the marble and the travertine. If you are confronted by the dilemma of choosing between one of these, then you should continue reading.

  • When it comes to the price, marble and travertine are pretty similar. It all depends on the type of tiles you want. Consult with your local flooring expertsLondon about the price of the stone floorings.

  • Installation. Unfortunately, you will have to hire professional technicians because both marble and travertine need to be installed by someone who knows what he’s doing. Add the installation to figure out the final cost.

  • Durability. Well, travertine has a bad reputation of being too fragile. On the other hand, Trevi Fountain in Rome is made of travertine and it happens to be there for more than 300 years. However, you can say that marble is a lot durable and scratch resistant stone than travertine.

  • How does it feel? Here travertine is the absolute winner because it feels very soft when you walk barefoot. On the other hand, marble doesn’t hold on heat and in the winter you will have tough times trying to keep a comfortable room temperature.

  • Looks. Both materials have their charm. Marble was used in Rome from Caesar himself, because of its shine and aesthetics. Travertine, on the other hand, is nearly impossible to shine, but it has beautiful patterns.

  • Maintenance. Both types of stones need a certain level of maintenance. Marble absorbs water, so you should be careful if you use it outdoors. Marble will eventually lose some of its shine over time and when it happens you just need to book for flooring services London.

Now when you know the main similarities and differences between marble and travertine floorings, it’s just a matter of taste which one to install.

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