The Role of Your Family Attorney When Planning for Divorce
The Role of Your Family Attorney When Planning for Divorce










When it comes to getting a divorce there are different ways to approach it because of the legalities that can arise especially during the pre-planning stage. The way to figure out what you're entitled to during the process of divorce before it becomes finally is through a family law attorney that specializes in divorces. This is important because if children are involved it is a contested divorce and looking to the right firm will eliminate the need to another lawyer down the road. About 45 percent of all marriages in the United States end in divorce and many of them involve children. This is where the case would be considered a contested divorce because of the children. Understanding the role of your family law attorney can help with the legal process especially in Oklahoma City.

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Majority times a divorce is based on emotional intents and not rational minds. There are cases that have no-fault divorces which mean neither party was in the wrong or caused problems for a divorce.

A divorce lawyer practices under civil law. Due to the life-altering changes that can happen during a divorce and the emotional rollercoaster that it can cause, here is a basic understanding of the role of a family law attorney during the initial stage of divorce.

What A Lawyer's Role Entails.

In all cases, a lawyer should have their client’s best interests at heart. This means from a financial, emotional, and parent state to determine the best way to handle the case. The situation will always be a delicately one but needs to rightly handle. The lawyer should have an understanding of the different issues that can arise such as annulment, legal separation for child custody reasons, child support and visitation rights. If children are involved be sure to hire a lawyer with experience handling divorces successfully.

Understand that a divorce can take anywhere from three to twelve months to be made final, but it does depend on when it was filed. The lawyer should be swift with actions on your behalf. Whether is it an at fault, no-fault divorce, contested divorce or simplified divorce, the lawyer should know what information and evidence are needed to support your case thoroughly. A great lawyer will know the inner workings of the legal proceeding and be a conflict mediator within an appropriate time frame.

The lawyer should address the division of assets and debt among the parties involved and set terms for custody and/or child support. They will have an active role in researching and gathering the necessary supporting evidence in your case. Great attention to detail while working on paperwork is critically important and must be compiled then submitted to the court. Therefore, the lawyer should be prompt when carrying out the separation orders for the courts.

When it comes to hiring a lawyer in the Oklahoma City area for this reason, this is an outline to ensure you are familiar with their role in representing you. Assess their skills, qualifications, and expertise. They are there to be an attentive listener for the decisions that can impact your life during the planning stage and after the finalization. The lawyer should be non-judgmental with their assisting and have exceptional interpersonal skills to deal with different relationships. Their role will also include being an advocate for their client and an alternative dispute resolver. 

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