Best Tips for Safe long Driving in Dubai
Best Tips for Safe long Driving in Dubai

If you are an active driver, a long trip can happen, because you have to go to the city for long journeys, so you better recharge your batteries. "Highway Hypnosis" is the main cause of accidents while driving. This is the fact that the biggest reason drivers of accidents are zoned usually responds very slowly. It is very important to complete the final touches before taking your car out of the garage because where you are responsible for your life, you are also responsible for others who live on your part as a citizen.

Top tips to be safe while on a long drive

A long trip to the UAE is the biggest problem of all time because of the sharp bumps in the extremely crazy weather in Dubai due to unmanaged traffic. If you are going on a long journey, be careful with the necessary knowledge to be more careful. If you are in a car hire you need to be more active.

Here are some simple tips that you need to keep on the roads to save yourself and others.
Plan ahead: it can help you in most of your trip, and you can enjoy the trip most of the time when you enjoy it. You can take a map with you and choose paths for your destination, choosing where to stay for cooling. It’s not necessary to take a map with you, because the navigation system leads you to your destination.

Rest properly: you must rest before you begin the journey. It is very important to be active and energetic during the trip. Try a full sleep of 8 hours as a “scientific dream” 2 nights before the trip.

Pack efficiently: you need essential supplies for your trip. An overloaded vehicle is more responsible for road crash points due to the load. You must store the loaded load in the trunk, while some necessary items, such as a water bottle or food, must travel with your seats in small bags with your seats. Because it will not stop you again. Car rental offers the best opportunity to have enough cars.

Take a lot of rest Breaks:

Entertaining your passengers will allow you to be active and energetic throughout your journey. You must continue the radio and discuss the news with your companions in the car. You can borrow books and some game stations, such as psp3, to be active.

Park safely while you rest: You must leave your car on the side or on the side of the road, remembering the rest of the traffic on the road.

Check the maintenance of your car: if you do not use your car for regular maintenance, it will lead to permanent road breakdowns and accidents. Hold your engine properly in the hands of a mechanic to protect yourself from a stop on the road. , Read More at Storify News

Careless driving and non-adherence to traffic rules are turning roads into virtual death traps.

Two people die in road accidents in the UAE every day, says recent figures from the Ministry of Interior. Quite interestingly, even as the number of accidents in the UAE decreased from 4,796 in 2015 to 4,788 in 2016, the number of road deaths has gone up. An increase of 7.4 percent was registered in 2016 with 725 deaths, compared to 675 deaths in 2015.  

The toll might see a further jump with more vehicles being added to the traffic fleet. Accidents may happen, but fatalities can be brought down with a bit of alertness and by following safety precautions while driving. 

Road safety shouldn’t be a choice. It should become an imperative. 

Recently, the Dubai Government Workshop issued a list of tips on how motorists can be safe while they drive. Read on:

Fasten your seat belts

 Seat belt car crashes are a leading cause of death. Buckling up the safety belt could help reduce a lot of accidents. The deaths and injuries that occur every year due to accidents could be reduced by about half if both drivers and passengers used their safety belts. 

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Have a clear head

Make sure you always have a clear head before deciding to operate a motor vehicle. Alcohol and certain drugs can severely impair your driving skills. Many prescription and over-the-counter medications can cause dangerous drowsiness. Don’t drive for long stretches without a break. If you are tired, don’t risk the safety of yourself and others on the highway by trying to drive.

Limit driving alone when tired

Driving with someone else in your vehicle can increase your overall alertness. It is well recognized that when driving alone, especially when sleep-deprived and at night, your chances of a crash are dramatically increased.

Read the labels

 If you are taking any medications, be sure to read and obey the warning labels. If the label says the medication causes drowsiness or not to drive—heed the warning and don’t drive. Consult with your doctor or pharmacist if you have any questions or to ask about medications for your condition that don’t cause drowsiness. 

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