Essentials of Pharmaceutical Packaging

By Joe

The packaging of pharmaceuticals involves much more than just filling the contents into the containers. This kind of packaging needs to be done in such a way, it is extremely safe until it reaches the consumers and they use it. Hence, pharmaceutical packaging is different when compared to product packaging. The main focus of the packages is to protect the drugs from the toxic external events by providing various levels of protections and making it safe for shipping and distribution.

So if you’re wondering what are the essentials of a pharmaceutical packaging then read on!

Physical protection: Pharmaceuticals come in various forms such as powder, solid (capsules and tablets), liquid and creams. Hence, based on what kind of product it is, it needs to be packed accordingly. However, no matter what form of medicine is in the package, it needs to be protected from the basic things such as temperature, compression, vibration, shock, etc. If the contents are delicate, additional kind of packing might need to be done such as folding cartons, bubble sheets, paper strings, cardboards, etc.

Protecting from external elements: As various chemicals are used in manufacturing pharmaceuticals, they also need to be protected from external elements such as water, dust, vapor, oxygen etc. in order to avoid chemical reaction and preventing it from deformation. With the help of appropriate techniques of sealing, they can be protected from these external elements.

Agglomeration: For efficient handling and transportation, medicinal products should be put together in a package. Tablets and capsules are usually packed between metal and plastic sheets and sealed together. Some of them are bottled too. Based on the type of medicine, the containment needs to be selected.

Transmitting information: The packaging of the product should have information about the product such as how it should be used, disposed, recycled, transported, etc. The label on the package should have all this information to ensure that the product is safe and used safely. This information could be printed in various forms such as note, text, symbol or warning.

Theft reduction: The pharmaceutical packaging is responsible for reducing the possibility of theft or tampering. Thus the pack needs to seal in such a way that it can’t be closed again after it is opened. It should not be easy to get physically damaged too. Advanced pharma packages are combined with anti-theft devices in order to prevent them getting stolen.

Comfort: The packing must have comfortable features such as easy handling, display, distribution, opening, using, reusing, and reclosing after use. This makes the package efficient and safe to pack and one doesn’t need to worry about how the package is being handled.

Marketing: Apart from efficiency and safety, the package should also have ability of marketing. The packaging is not only to protect the product, but also to encourage customers to buy a product. For such purpose, the package should be labeled with attractive and fine print.

There are several pharmaceutical packaging companies in the market as people are now concerned about protection from infection and safety much more than ever. Thus a good pharmaceutical packaging plays an essential role in taking care of these elements.

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