How To Get The Most Out of Blowers And Compressors?
How To Get The Most Out of Blowers And Compressors?

Air blowers are complicated and precisely built instruments that require some experience to be run smoothly. Making sure that these are used for their right applications is crucial in ensuring continued optimal performance. When the system is designed properly and operating as per requirements, not only do we get higher efficiency but also energy savings. However, there are a few things that must be kept in mind if you want to make sure that blowers are used properly.

  • Installation: Firstly, it is important to make sure that installation is done in a suitable manner by skilled professionals. Twin lobe sare designed for pumping gases and their design is considerably different from pumping systems that handle liquids, even though the underlying principles are the same. This means it is important to make sure that the layout of the pipes is suitable for handling gaseous mixtures and should not hinder the flow of gases.

  • External factors: Temperature, humidity and the composition of air all significantly affect the performance of the compression or blower system. Whether you are using twin lobe blowers or other types, it is an established fact that colder air which is denser takes more energy to pump. The composition of the gases can also affect blower performance with contaminants usually accumulating inside the blowers and causing significant wear and tear. The humidity in air accelerates rusting and reduces the durability of your product.

  • Tweak the controls: Make sure the blower is pumping out air at the required output speed and not above it. Although that will get the job done, it leads to significant energy wastage and overworks the machinery. It is necessary to adjust controls depending on the pressure required and there are several functions to control the pressure as per end user requirements. A good twin lobe system should use demand control, good storage capacity and proper signalling equipment to let the operator understand the status of the system quickly.

  • Upgrade designs: It can be surprising how effective changing system designs can be in improving the performance of your blowers. What many people fail to understand is how important the little things are in large systems like these. For example, a narrow delivery line or a sharp bend in the pipes can significantly increase friction and lead to pressure drops in the system. This, in turn, increases the workload of the twin lobe blower system and reduces its efficiency.

  • Multiple blowers instead of one: A useful technique sometimes used is to have multiple small blowers instead of a huge centralised system. There are several reasons why larger systems are considerably more inefficient. They use more energy even when dealing with partial loads and are also much more difficult to maintain and repair.

Air blowers and compressors have a variety of applications in many fields from ETPs to aquaculture and industrial processes. However, it is important to take proper care of these systems to ensure they work as they are supposed and to increase their longevity.

Twin lobe blowers are used in many industrial processes and buying a quality product is always recommended. 

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