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Real estate investment in Turkey has an active role in the growth of the Turkish economy in 2021 through buying and investing in the real estate sector, which attracts foreign investment to Turkey because of its large and inevitable income.

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Interested in knowing Turkey economy ranking for 2022? Do you intend to engage in investment fields? Lale Real Estate Group highlights the most important information about the Turkish economy rankings for 2022. Read this text to get all the information and facts to enrich your knowledge of the Turkish economy. Improving economic and social development in Turkey.


Real estate investment in Turkey has an active role in the growth of the Turkish economy in 2021 Despite the Covid-19 epidemic affecting the global economic sectors in general, real estate investment in Turkey has witnessed a remarkable improvement, due to the high demand for it. Turkey's real estate market from investors and buyers, 57% of foreign direct investment in 2020 came from real estate investments worth 4.4 billion US dollars, and total foreign direct investment inflows to Turkey amounted to 7.8 billion US dollars. Home sales in Turkey amounted to 3.8 189,000 million home sales to foreigners who want to buy and invest in Turkey. These large numbers of home sales confirm that real estate investment has a significant impact on the growth of the Turkish economy.

Istanbul city is considered from to landmarks in the world

Interesting Secrets You Should Know About Istanbul It has inspired writers such as Paul Theroux, Ernest Hemingway and Orhan Pamuk. In 1502, Istanbul became famous as the world's busiest city. It contains the third oldest subway in the world, built in 1875 with a length of 573 meters in Beyoglu district. Istanbul was the European Capital of Culture in 2010, but it has never hosted the Olympic Games. British writer Agatha Christie wrote her famous novel "Murder on the Orient Express" in Istanbul's Pera Palace Hotel. The tulip flower, the symbol of Holland, originated in Istanbul and was sent from Istanbul to Holland.

The Bosphorus Bridge famous? The Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul (July 15 Martyrs' Bridge) is one of the most famous bridges in Turkey that connects Asia and Europe. It adds value to Istanbul as the center of daily trade exchange between the two continents. The first attempt to build the bridge was in 511 BC, where the king was able to move his entire army to the other side of the water body using a temporary bridge made from.

The countryside of Istanbul, Istanbul has wonderful villages and rural places that take you away. To a world of peace and tranquility. It is important for us to spend time in the countryside, as sometimes we need to feel and enjoy this simple life. There are many beautiful rural places that should be your first destination when you visit the countryside of Istanbul: Garipçe Köyü Village,

Istanbul Sapphire Tower The Sapphire Tower in Istanbul is one of the most impressive skyscrapers and may be the tallest building in Istanbul. It is one of the first environmentally friendly buildings in Turkey, with a height of 236 meters above ground level. The Sapphire Tower contains a number of wonderful gardens that are repeated on every three floors, and consists of a group of diverse plants that give the tower a natural touch.

The Great Maiden’s Tower (Kız Kulesi) in Istanbul In the Uskudar district of Istanbul. There is no information on whether the tower was man-made or was found naturally in the water. It was once a reflection of Byzantine paintings, and later became an Ottoman lighthouse. There are many legends relating to the tower and its name. The reason for her name is worthy.

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