Best tourist places in Istanbul for Real estate

Learn about the city of Istanbul, the wonderful Beyoglu neighborhood, its tourist and historical center, Taksim, its relationship to the real estate, the area's advantage to the real estate, and learn about the most important tourist sites in Taksim.

Best places to visit in Istanbul

Tourists' guide to the best places to visit in Istanbul includes many well-known attractions and the best places that attract tourists to travel to Turkey to visit these places. This great city "Istanbul" has a long and shining history, with countless cultural attractions, from viewing magnificent buildings, museums and cruises on the Bosphorus, to shopping and dining at local and international restaurants. If you are planning to take a tour of one of the most amazing religious places you can see in Istanbul, Eyup Sultan Mosque is located near the Golden Horn. It is a very important mosque where many people believe that Abu Ayyub Ansari, a man who was a close friend of the Prophet Muhammad, was buried. The mosque was traditionally the place where the coronation ceremonies of the new Ottoman sultans were held.

Taksim Istanbul

Taksim Istanbul for luxury living Taksim Square (Taksim Square) is the heart of Istanbul and one of the most famous and lively squares in Turkey. The word Taksim means division. This was suggested by Sultan Ahmed I, who wanted to divide the area in which his palace was built into two parts. Taksim Square is a popular tourist destination, where people come to Taksim for sightseeing, shopping and dining. Republic Monument Turkey became a republic in 1923, which is why a monument was erected in the center of the square. The monument was commissioned by Italian sculptor Pietro Canonica who breathed life into figures of the Turkish War of Independence, including its leaders such as Ismet Inonu and Ataturk.

Galata Tower in Istanbul

Best Galata Tower Tour in Istanbul The Galata Tower (Galata Kulesi) is one of the oldest towers in the world and one of the landmarks of Turkey, Istanbul. It was included in the UNESCO Tentative World Heritage List in 2013. Galata Tower was used as a long-lived observation tower and was named Galata Fire Tower. The tower was built by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian in 507-508 AD and rebuilt in 1348-1349. After the tower was repaired during the reign of Selim, a large window was added to the upper floor of the tower and covered the top of the tower with the famous and amazing conical shape. The building was restored again in 1967, the tower is 63 meters high and offers a panoramic view of the old city. Many foreign visitors and tourists come and rent apartments to enjoy the views, sounds and pleasures of the best Galata Tower Tour in Beyoglu Istanbul.

Miniaturk Miniature and Park in Istanbul

Best Miniaturk Miniature and Park Tour in Istanbul Turkey is full of many historical and important places that Miniaturk aims to highlight to visitors. One of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Istanbul for those who love to explore historical places. Miniaturk Park is located in the Sutlos district, northeast of Istanbul's Golden Horn Bay. Turkey has more historical monuments than the whole of Greece, in addition, it is not difficult to get to the park, but public transport is not directly connected. You can take a bus from Eminonu (currently Bus 47C and 47E) or you can take a taxi from Eminonu or Taksim for around 10-15 TL max. The entrance fee is very low and only costs 20 TL, you will find the audio guide available in several languages. When you pay your entrance fee, you will be asked which language you want your audio guide to be in and this ensures that everyone can learn more about what they are watching regardless of their languages.

Dolmabahce Palace

All you want to know about Dolmabahce Palace in Istanbul Turkey has many tourist attractions, Dolmabahce Palace (Dolmabahce Saray) is one of the best places in Istanbul and it is the largest palace located in the most beautiful part of the Bosphorus - Istanbul. Although it was built many years ago, the stunning appearance of Dolmabahce Palace is still impressive. If you live in Istanbul or if you plan to visit the city as a tourist, the Glass Palace (Camlı Köşk) in the palace is the only place where the sultan keeps an eye on his henchmen and his armies. The outside world, and there is also a ceremonial hall in the center of the coastal palace you can see European and Turkish artifacts in the palace as the palace is also filled with fireplaces, candle holders and chandeliers. In the hall there is a magnificent crystal chandelier that is 36 meters high and weighs 4.5 tons.

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