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Learn more about access to real estate, the most important useful information in Istanbul Turkey before buying real estate, information about real estate and how to obtain a visa to come to Turkey.

Residential compounds in Istanbul

The best residential complexes in Istanbul There are many luxury and affordable residential complex projects in Turkey - Istanbul that contain the most important facilities and housing requirements. The beauty of Turkey and its spread over wide geographical areas makes people consider it an attractive place for them. In general, living in Turkey has many advantages, but there are some difficulties in the beginning due to many examples.

Buy properties in Turkey

Important Tips for Buying Real Estate in Turkey It is now clear that people prefer to buy real estate in Turkey, as it is a well-known country in many fields, especially in the real estate field. This is due to many reasons, including the diversity of its nature, its climate, its fruitful economy, and the number of its important features. If you are considering buying property in Turkey, Lale Real Estate Group offers you a range of important buying advice.

Istanbul Canal

The Turkish Canal Project Learn more about it The idea of building the new Kanal Istanbul project (Turkish: Kanal İstanbul) comes from the great importance of the Bosphorus. Thousands of residents live on both sides of the Bosphorus, although the Bosphorus is a place of trade and transit. The Bosphorus strait becomes more dangerous every year in terms of the dangers posed by the movement of ships. The annual number of ships crossings, which was 3-4.

Medical City Hospital in Istanbul

Medical City and Sakura Hospital in Istanbul Medical City in Basaksehir is a great example of the development of the health sector in Turkey, Istanbul. Turkey is one of the developed countries in all investment, industrial and medical fields. In order to improve the health sector, the Turkish government, in partnership with the Japanese government, decided to establish a medical project that would compete with all neighboring countries.

Turkey immigration for Pakistani citizens

Immigration Policy to Turkey for Pakistani Citizens Visiting from Pakistan to Turkey is now easier with the modern method of immigration like Turkey e-Visa. Recently, many Pakistani citizens are visiting Turkey for various reasons, including immigration, education, tourism and real estate investment. Istanbul is the favorite destination for Pakistanis, it is the largest city in Turkey that has everything that people need.

Immigration in Turkey

Travel for immigration and investment in Turkey. Turkey attracts many immigrants from the USA, European countries and Asian countries, such as India, Iran, Pakistan and China for permanent residence and investment. If you are interested, this will be your guide for basic facts about living in Turkey and investing in real estate. Turkey has made a great leap in the fields of investment, economy and politics during the past twenty years.

Title Deed A Tapu in Turkey?

What is a title deed "Tabu" and how can I obtain a Tapu in Turkey? Tapu means "title deed", and it is the document that is regulated for the purchase of a property in Turkey. The ownership of the property is confirmed to the person mentioned in the document. The title deed contains detailed information about everything related to the property, and without this document, no person's ownership of any property in Turkey can be recognized.

Turkey visa for US citizens

Turkey Visa for US Citizens and Why Invest in Turkey US citizens cannot visit Turkey for any purpose without a Turkey visa. A few years ago, applying for a Turkey visa was only done by visiting a national embassy or by arrival on arrival. Now things have changed, US citizens can apply for Turkey visa online and get an e-Visa. In this way, it is easy for US citizens to visit Turkey at any time and without the need for a long wait.

Shopping malls for Real estate investment

Importance of Shopping Centers for Real Estate Investment Istanbul hosts more than 400 shopping centers, and this is an encouraging reason for real estate investment in Istanbul. Most of Istanbul's shopping malls are easily accessible by metro or public transportation, and they are not far from tourist areas such as Sultanahmet or Taksim (except for Mall of Istanbul). Visitors enjoy their time in Istanbul malls, which include high-quality venues.

buy Real estate in Turkey

How to buy real estate in Turkey? If you are planning to buy a property in Turkey, here are some interesting secrets that you should know about Turkish law and real estate projects in Istanbul. Recently, there have been huge developments in certain cities in Turkey, which increases the value of Turkish real estate. The Turkish government has made many efforts to improve the country in all areas such as real estate, education and health.

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