Essentials You Need to Know About Devops and Agile

B2B technology companies cater to the needs of B2C companies. It is essential that the IT companies stay in tune with the happenings across multiple sectors. The idea behind B2C companies to take a step ahead in the technology sector is to ease the operations.


While every industry has different modus operandi, every company needs customised solutions. To deliver the best results, the IT company needs to understand the client requirements and the purpose the technology is expected to serve. A combination of Agile Development and DevOps is adapted to deliver the Minimal Viable Product. The agile development model focuses on understanding the requirements and producing a product that serves all what the client needs. It is done to ensure minimum iterations to deliver the MVP. To enable this, DevOps is used to bridge the gap between the service and the delivery team. DevOps is a combination of development and operations which is used cumulatively to deploy software. The primary aim to establish a close communication between the software developer and IT professional make work seamless.


One of the few companies that have helped in devising the Agile Framework is HARMAN Connected Services. It focuses on stepwise enforcement of processes at different stages of development. Following is the Agile Framework procedure which is different for each organisation:


Assess Agility of the Company: The first step is to assess how the readiness of the company and recommend improvement roadmap


Training and Coaching: Employees involved in this transaction are given skill-based training. The training is different for people at each level. This includes training in the following modules Business Leadership, Development, Estimation using Planning Poker, DevOps for Enterprise Agility, Agile Governance and Metrics, etc.


Digital Transformation: It is important to understand where the company stands to reach where the company wishes to reach regarding agility. The company assesses the current engineering processes, how the resources are being utilised and how efficient is the transaction. To bring a smooth drift, the employees are trained and guided to bring seamless transformation


DevOps for Enterprise Agility: A completely developed enterprise is then supported by strategy, planning, execution, and managed services. The company’s entire journey is then held in place by complete lifecycle management


While the business owners feel that it is only the business that benefits from this, there is more to it. Reports that measure the impact of agile and DevOps in the organisation had stated that the process when applied together yield more results, rather the two of them applied independently. The two main domains of effect are employee engagement and customer satisfaction. It has extensively increased the level of satisfaction due to the reduced number of iterations to develop the final effective draft.


The amalgamation has helped in achieving a better correlation between the stakeholders in the process; from the service to the delivery team. Agile manifesto when combined with DevOps achieve better software delivery speed and effectiveness needed for digital business strategies. Thus, it is important to have a hand that makes the functioning agile.

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