8 Hacks To Make The Most Of Perfumes

1. Store it right

One of the common mistakes made by many is storing women’s and men's fragrances in warm places. Fragrances should never be stored in warm or damp places such as the bathroom. The quality of the perfumes gets reduced and will not last long if stored in such places as humidity and light takes a toll on the fragrances by breaking it down. Therefore, fragrances should always be stored in a dry and cool place away from the windows.


2. Apply it in pulse points

For optimal and effective results, apply men’s and women's fragrance onto the pulse points such as the inside of the wrists, base of the throat, and below the earlobes. Perfumes are stronger on someone with good circulation and whose body runs a little hotter. Pulse points intensify fragrance and amplify the scent as it generates body heat. Please note that applying the fragrance onto the pulse points only magnifies the scent and does not affect its longevity. Also, targeting the warmer areas of the body such as the midriff and behind the knees helps diffuse the fragrance across the entire body. Applying the fragrance to the calves and ankles allows the fragrance to rise throughout the day.


3. Rub Vaseline and then spray

Scents last longer on oily skin and get evaporated on dry skin. To make the scent last longer, rub Vaseline on the pulse points before spraying it there. The ointment holds the fragrance to the skin longer than if it was applied onto the dry skin.


4. Moisturise and apply

After one buys women’s and men's fragrances online, they should moisturise the skin before applying the perfumes. Since oily skins retain fragrances for a longer duration, moisturise the skin before applying the fragrance. Use an unscented lotion before spraying the perfume to lock the scent.


5. Don’t rub the fragrance

As opposed to a popular action of rubbing the wrists together after applying the perfume, one should not do so as it forces the top notes to disappear faster. Rubbing creates heat which accelerates the evaporation process.


6. Walk through the scent

Spray the perfume in the air and slowly walk into this mist. The top fragrances for men and women distribute evenly across the body and leave a light scent. This is helpful for the occasions when one doesn’t want a strong smell.


7. Spray the perfume onto the brush

Women generally make the mistakeof spraying alcohol-based perfume directly onto the hair. Alcohol dries the hair put and causes damage to it. Therefore, instead of spraying it directly onto the hair, spray in on the brush and then run it through the hair. This will give the desired result without damaging the hair. For better results and less damage use best fragrances for women and men which are specifically designed for hair. Use these between the washes to make the hair smell better.


8. Always test the new perfume before using it

Thisremains standard for every product, be it lotion or perfume. One should always buy fragrances for men and women and test it before using it. Wait until the scent has dried on the skin before smelling it.


These were some hacks to make the best fragrances for women and men last longer, and get the desired results. More importantly, know which scent suits one the most and what occasions it is supposed to be wornat. Try not to overdo it as much as possible.

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