Things You Need to know about Cylinder Sleeves And Its Purposes In IC Engines

There has been a huge questioning regarding sleeves of the cylinder and its purposes in an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE). In this article, we will be discussing all of that but the first thing first is the brief knowledge about the Internal Combustion Engine, also termed as ICE as an abbreviation.



What is an IC Engine?

IC Engine or ICE can be termed as a heat engine that facilitates combustion of any fuel, say petrol or diesel when introduced with an oxidizer, normally air in a combustion chamber which is an essential part of the working fluid flow circuit. Cylinder Sleeves are a necessary element here.

What is a Cylinder Sleeve?

Cylinder Sleeves are the lining for the cylinder. The liner is meant to cover the cylinder to resist the wear and tear of the piston pin. A cylinder sleeve is made up of cast iron alloy of molybdenum and carbon chrome which is centrifugally spun. Some are made of aluminum.

Purposes of a cylinder sleeve in ICE

There are quite some purposes on which a cylinder sleeve is used in ICE. The purposes are as follows:

  • Protect the Cylinder Bore: The main purpose of the usage of a cylinder sleeve is to protect the cylinder bore which is susceptible to wear and tear dealing with continuous usage for years or months.
  • Repair the Cylinder Bore: Cylinder bores need to be repaired at a particular time as they easily get worn out due to heavy usage for years and months. To repair a cracked or damaged engine, a cylinder bore size needs to be restored which again requires a cylinder sleeve.
  • Protects the Engine from Heavy Pressure: Diesel engines are commonly the one which needs a sleeve. This is because the high-performance diesel engines exert quite a lot of pressure leading to the boring damage. To curb that a sleeve is applied in the piston pin.
  • A Cylinder Sleeve is made up of sturdy material: A cylinder sleeve is usually made up of an alloy containing molybdenum and carbon chrome. Lately, MOLY 2000, an alloy of iron is used in the plated aluminum cylinders. Sleeves of cylinders can be bores out, unlike the plated aluminum cylinders.
  • Replace the older sleeve: Often the pistons get a hole in them which are termed as the ‘burnt hole’. It is then that a sleeve replacement is required to protect the pistons and the cylinders. In some of the cylinders, sleeves are not necessary because of the hard iron.

Sleeves for the cylinders play an important role in the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE). The cylinders and the pistons need to be protected from the damage caused over time due to pressure. Especially in the diesel run vehicles which exert a lot more pressure and are susceptible to damage in a shorter period of time. The hard coating of the iron alloy helps to delay the wear time of cylinders.


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