Top Fuel Credit Cards in India

Top Fuel Credit Cards in India

With the skyrocketing prices of fuel, users need to analyse the techniques to save maximum on the fuel expenses. One such tool is the fuel credit card. Banks provide customers with a Fuel Credit card in order to provide them with the most benefit when purchasing fuel. Having this card allows those who frequently purchase fuel for various purposes to reduce their fuel expenditure. Aside from that, it allows users of the Fuel Credit card to use it for other lifestyle benefits.

Many of the country's top banks and lenders now offer fuel credit cards, which allow you to save more on all of your fuel purchases. Aside from offers and benefits for your fuel expenses, these cards also provide a variety of offers in other categories such as entertainment, dining, and shopping. Here are mentioned the top 5 fuel credit card comparison from which you can choose and maximise your savings on fuel expenses.

Citi Credit Card for Indian Oil 

Customers can earn up to 71 litres of free fuel with this IndianOil Citi Credit Card. It comes with a fantastic rewards programme that allows customers to save a lot of money on their fuel purchases. 

Cardholders earn the following number of Turbo Points when they use this card: 

  • For every Rs.150 spent on fuel at Indian Oil outlets in India, you will earn 4 Turbo Points. 

  • Every Rs.150 spent at supermarkets and on groceries earns you 2 Turbo Points. 

  • 1 Turbo Point for every Rs.150 spent on non-essentials such as dining, shopping, and so on. 

  • Every Rs.150 spent at the featured partner store earns you 4X Turbo Points.

  • One Turbo Point can be redeemed for one rupee of fuel. 

  • Cardholders who spend a minimum of Rs.30,000 per year are exempt from paying an annual fee. 

  • Citibank only provides concierge service to IndianOil Citi Platinum Credit cardholders.



  • Get 4.25 percent value back, which is equivalent to 13X reward points, when you fill up your car at BPCL gas stations. The 4.25 percent value back includes a 1-percentage-point fuel surcharge waiver for every transaction up to INR 4,000. 

  • After 20 days of paying the joining fee, your account will be credited with 2,000 activation bonus reward points worth INR 500. You can instantly redeem those points for fuel purchases at BPCL locations, BPCL vouchers, or even Shop and Smile. The State Bank of India also provides a fuel debit card that can help you save money on fuel purchases. 

  • The annual fee is INR 499 plus applicable GST.

Credit Card Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium 

  • The joining fee is Rs.750. 

  • Fee for Renewal: Rs.750 

  • The Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Credit Card offers 5% cashback on all fuel purchases made at any petrol pump in India.

  • 1 Turbo Point can be redeemed for Rs.1 worth of fuel. 

  • This card allows cardholders to easily pay their utility bills. 

  • Cardholders do not have to pay an annual fee if they spend at least Rs.30,000 per year. 

  • When you spend at Indian Oil locations, you will receive a 2.5 percent fuel surcharge waiver.

Platinum Credit Card from ICICI Bank & HPCL 

  • This Card not only lowers customers' fuel bills, but it also helps them save money by waiving annual fees. 

  • The joining fee is Rs.199. 

  • For every Rs.100 spent, you will receive 2.5X accelerated reward points. 

  • Earn 5 PAYBACK points for every dollar spent on fuel at any HPCL gas station. 

  • Get 2 PAYBACK points for all other purchases. 

  • On redemption of 2,000 PAYBACK Points, you will receive Rs.500 worth of fuel. 

  • Spend a minimum of Rs.50,000 on this card in a calendar year, and the bank will refund the annual fee for that year. 

  • Earn up to Rs.100 in cashback on fuel purchases made at HPCL petrol pumps. 

  • When you spend a maximum of Rs.4,000 on fuel, you will receive a 2.5 percent fuel surcharge waiver at HPCL petrol pumps.

HDFC Indian Oil Credit Card 

  • Earn 5% of your fuel expenses as redeemable points with this fuel credit card in India. You can earn up to 250 fuel points in six months and 150 fuel points after that. 

  • On bill and grocery payments, you can earn 100 fuel points per month with this credit card. You can also earn 1 fuel point for every INR 150 spent. All of the reward points can be redeemed on the products in the catalogue. 

  • The annual fee is INR 500 plus applicable GST. 

  • If you spend INR 50000 or more in a year, your renewal fee is waived. This credit card is appropriate for those who own commercial cabs, Lorries, Trucks, Cars, and other commercial vehicles.

The process to apply for a credit card is not a big deal unless you realise the reason for issuing a credit card and using the best out of it.


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