Why Is My Period Late? What Does a Late Period Mean?

It is important to have a regular menstrual cycle, as it signifies that the parts of your body are working normally and that you have a healthy reproductive system. A normal menstrual cycle length varies from woman to woman. However, the normal length range is said to be anywhere between 28 days to 35 days. Irregular menstruation is when the length of your cycle keeps changing. However, it is not an issue when the cycle varies by a few days each time. It needs attention when there is a significant difference. 

But, a late period can get you worried. If you’re experiencing irregular periods or have missed periods known as amenorrhea, it could be because of various reasons. 

Below is a detailed guide of why some women experience late periods and irregular menstruation cycles. 


Stressing is one of the most common reasons affecting the cycles. Prolonged stress can shorten or even increase the cycle and, in some cases, can even skip a period. Additionally, stress also causes painful menstrual cramps and heavy blooding. 

If a woman is going through persistent stress, which is affecting her menstruation, she must visit a lady doctor, and if she is unable to make time, then she can opt for online lady doctors. 

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Birth Control

Hormonal birth control is another reason why most women experience late menstrual cycles. The birth control pill prevents your body from making hormones involved in ovulation and menstruation. Hence, it is important that you consult a doctor before consuming birth control pills. 

Weight Loss 

Extreme and sudden weight loss can cause delay of periods. The sudden decrease in the consumption of calories restricts the production of hormones required for ovulation. Hence, most underweight people tend to experience a delay in menstruation because of a low body fat ratio which affects the hormones. 

If you’re underweight or have recently lost a lot of weight and are experiencing late periods, you must consult a doctor. 

Weight Gain or Obesity 

Being overweight or suddenly gaining weight is equally the cause for missed periods as it is for being underweight. Basically, any significant change in pounds can be a reason for irregular menstrual cycles. 

Excessive Exercise 

Exercising regularly is important and great. However, it must be balanced. Anything in excess is not good for the body. Rigorous exercising above a limit can lead to decreased levels of estrogen production, which is the hormone regulating the female reproductive process. 

Various athletes tend to experience secondary amenorrhea, which means they don’t get periods for more than six months. Hence, you must keep your lifestyle balanced in order to avoid this. 

The above were some of the common reasons for late or irregular periods. A few more include changes in sleeping schedule, medications, thyroid dysfunction, and an unbalanced diet. 

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