A Greener Future | Greenshine Scholarship Essay by Brianna Clark

As the years go by in my life, I keep thinking “ What is the point of establishing green energy technology?”. Green energy technology is used to make the environment free of nuclear pollution, and to make a suitable difference for everyone in the near future. Green energy technology should be useful in the next 30 years because of solar power and wind power.

Let us take solar power, for instance. Solar power is one of the several types of technologies related to green energy. Solar power consumed its energy from the sun and exposes it through various homes and businesses (“Various Advantages”). Solar power is pollution-free and can reduce fossil fuels and other useless resources. In addition, solar power produces renewable energy every year. That way, individuals and business owners can use the energy to continue on with the productivity of their everyday activities. Another advantage to solar power is that it is considered safer than other sources of electrical currents; and can be used for extra power when there is a power outage (Sepco.). Lastly, financial-wise, people and government officials can purchase solar energy at a reasonable price; and it can decrease expensive electricity costs (Peterson, Agnes).).

Another example for green energy technology would be wind power. Wind power has a quite exact similarity to solar power. However, the difference is solar power uses the sun to consume energy, while wind power consumes from the breeze. One study shows that the use of wind power has increased to at least 30% over the past ten years; better than the previous growth rate of 28% (“201: Wind Energy Benefits”). Another difference that separates wind power from solar power is how it uses reasonable fossil fuels produced in wind energy; such as coal, oil, and natural gases. Now if we think about it, wind power can be environmental friendly and renewable too. In fact, people can get wind energy for free to save electricity in their homes or businesses (“Advantages and Disadvantages”). Wind turbines, for example, are a type of green energy technology used to produce wind power across rural areas; such as farms and ranches. Farmers or ranchers are able to use wind turbines to provide support for things, such as crops, around their land (“Advantages and Challenges”).

All over the world, people are given multiple opportunities to save energy and provide a better environment. These things, such as wind power and solar power, are given to us to not only save money, but to lead us to a better environment-friendly lifestyle. Solar power and Wind power are some of the many reasons why green energy technologies will change and impact our lives in the next 30 years or so.

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