How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Driving traffic to your business or website has never been more important in gaining the business edge over your competitors. With the proliferation of websites, it is growing harder and harder to get found online.

The creation of website and ownership has been made much easier with cheap domain and hosting fees. Although hosting cost is growing yearly as more and more businesses go online, the cost is to small to be prohibitive at all. The low cost has brought amateur websites and businesses online that drain traffic from other credible businesses.

To get an edge online now, your business may have to invest heavily into a well designed website or expensive search engine optimization techniques. Some of these costs are very expensive for small businesses or start-ups.

Better ways of improving your traffic are well documented online. A simple Google search will provide you with an unending list of options.

One of the best options is blogging. Blogging drives 50 times more traffic than any of the other conventional ways. Getting a blog is very easy, but if you could get one with your domain name that is even better as searches through Google or other search engines would be directly sent to your website.

You should write about your product line, how unique it is. Try to find all related sites your competitor blog on and blog on those sites. When you run out of ideas, start blogging on issues even if there are not directly related to your products. That tends to lend more credibility as users reading your post get the impression that you are not just selfishly blogging to get others to buy your products.

Twitter and Facebook are now a big deal. You would need to establish an online presence there too. Tweet often and make sure your new blog posts are blasted directly to Facebook and twitter. That way your contacts on these sites get constant update on your line of products.

You may also want to try Fonolive. It is a new platform, but their project idea looks promising. There you can contact users directly, also blog about your product and every blog post is featured automatically on your profile or nimble wall. That offers a live feed directly to your potential business customers.

These are only a few options offered here. Every business is unique so try exploring as many other options as possible and good luck with your business.

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