Design Your Own Shirt Easily: Custom Shirts for Everyone

Shirts are probably the type of clothing that will not go out of style soon. Mainly because shirts can be worn anywhere, and they’re among the cheapest articles of clothing to buy. 

Hollywood actresses wear them all the time, as well as every Jack and Jane on the planet from Honduras to China. Shirts are here to stay. But what if we tell you that your shirts don’t have to be plain, that they can be special and be an integral part of your personal branding efforts?

Enter custom shirts, or shirts that you can design yourself. As a kid you probably dreamed of having shirts that featured the designs that you wanted exactly as you imagine them. Well, now would be your chance to have that, exactly. Cheap custom shirts can be purchased individually or in bulk, depending on how many you need.

And the best thing about it all is you can buy custom shirts without ever leaving the comfort of your home. You can create or pick the designs that you want, select them on the website, and have your new shirts delivered to your doorstep.

No more driving, waiting around in line, or painstakingly looking at a printed catalogue and being pressured to finally pick a design because the print shop’s staff is tired and bedraggled from overwork.

Forget about those scenarios. With the power of the Internet comes the choice to print custom shirts painlessly. And you can spend as much time as you want deciding what colors to use, or what shirts to print on, as there are different kinds of shirts.


Designing A Shirt

All you really need to Design Your Own Shirt is a customizer or image editor, which you can run on the Web through your browser, or thorough your mobile device, or PC. It really depends on your expertise, and how you want to create the design.

Obviously the easiest to work with would be the simpler, stripped down image editors that can run from the Web, or the image editing apps designed to run on mobile devices like iPads and Android phones and tablets. While these lightweight editors may not have all the features of Photoshop, they’re definitely a good start for beginning shirt designers.


Time to Pick a Shirt

There are quite a number of shirts to choose from if you are printing on blanks. The most commonly used for custom print shirts are classic short sleeved shirts.

These shirts are made with lightweight fabric, usually a mix of polyester and cotton, and have good absorbency so they can be used for almost any kind of endeavor from regular casual wear to working out in the gym.

If you are looking for something that’s cost effective, the classic short sleeved shirt would be it. Simple, light on the eyes, and also comes in a rainbow assortment of colors to choose from: primary colors, secondary colors, derived pastel colors of every hue, and the like.

The second most popular type of shirt are the short-sleeved collared polos. Polo shirts are usually made with thicker fabric and are preferred by folks who want to look more formal, even when they are in casual wear.

This type of clothing is not very popular with young teenagers, but is still in vogue enough for those in their thirties and above. Like they say; collars make the man. You can still print almost anything on short sleeved collared polo shirts, just make sure that if the polo shirt has a breast pocket, that the design complements the presence of the pocket.

Next on our line of popular shirts are long-sleeved shirts. Long-sleeved shirts aren’t exactly thermal wear because they’re sort of made with thin fabric, but they’re better than nothing when you have nothing else to wear.

This type of shirt is usually worn by work crews because they provide extra protection to the arms. This doesn’t change the fact that you can still wear long-sleeved shirts as casual wear.

There are two types of long-sleeved shirts – the ones made for males that have a squarer orientation and are baggier when worn, and the second type for women, which are more form-hugging and svelte, and serve to enhance the shape of the woman’s body when worn.

In terms of fabric these two are more or less the same, unless the long-sleeved shirt being offered to you is made for athletic use and is made with a special fabric designed to keep heat in and sweat out.

The fourth type of shirt that you may want to look at isn’t actually a shirt, but a hoodie. Hoodies are a staple of youth urban wear and it has remained in vogue for more than four decades now.

While originally linked to street culture and hip-hop music because of its prevalence in American street culture, hoodies are for everybody because they look good, are functional and they tend to be not worn out immediately unlike regular shirts. There are actually several types of hoodies: lightweight hoodies, sports hoodies, women’s hoodies, and athletic hoodies.

Among these four, the priciest tends to be the athletic hoodies because they have been engineered differently, compared to other casual hoodies. Think of when you want to wear your hoodie and you will be able to figure out what type of hoodie would be best suited for your customization project.

If none of these articles of clothing interest you, there’s also the possibility of customizing hunting jackets, regular casual jackets and other kinds of clothes. Simply check the inventory of the custom shirt website that you want to order from and select the clothing type that you want.

 However, take note that jackets and other types of clothing may have restrictions when it comes to customization, so if you are unsure, send customer care an email to find out what exactly you can print on these.

There is no harm in asking and if you really need a jacket, then there’s nothing wrong with choosing to customize that instead of a regular shirt.

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