6 Ways In Which You Can Incorporate Quartz In Your Interiors

6 Ways In Which You Can Incorporate Quartz In Your Interiors

Quartz is one of the most durable and visually appealing minerals that has been in use for centuries. Quartz is usually used in jewelry and hand-carved decor items but there are numerous other ways that Quartz can be incorporated into your home. Quartz gives a very sleek, modern and sophisticated appeal when incorporated into the interior design, whether it is your Denver flooring or backsplash, or furniture. Quartz comes in different colors and if you like the appeal of a natural stone then you can install Quartz in your home in the following ways.


Feature Walls

With a Quartz feature wall, you can create a dramatic design statement in your home. A Quartz wall will give a high-end, contemporary look to your home and they are available in so many colors that you can easily fit them into the design scheme of your home. You can add an extra dose of drama to the feature by adding some accent lighting that makes the wall pop even more, or you can even create an indoor waterfall over the Quartz wall. 


Showers And Bathtubs

Quartz is not just a durable flooring material but is also resistant to water and mold and mildew growth, which makes it such a great option for use in the bathroom. Quartz works great as a bathtub surround, however, if you want to use it on the shower floor or as a bathtub sink then you have to choose the finish carefully. This is because the Quartz surface is pretty smooth and when it comes in contact with water it can become slippery. If you want to install it as shower floors or bathtubs then you need to select a finish that has the smoothness removed. Engineered Quartz is a great solution for this.



Quartz furniture is very unique in their appearance and they add a lot of luxury and elegance to your room. Create a Quartz shelf, a coffee table surface, or a work desk to create a nice aesthetic appeal in your home. The versatility of Quartz allows you to even customize the furniture piece to your unique style to spruce up the looks of your home. Also, since Quartz is such a durable material, the furniture will also stand the test of time and with some maintenance from time to time, it will also hold its luster for a long time.



If you like the way natural stones look and feel then Quartz flooring is a good option for your home. This is a great flooring choice because Quartz is a super durable material and can handle a good deal of wear and tear. Also, Quartz is easy to clean and maintain, and as such, you can sustain the beautiful look of the material for a long time with minimal effort. Also, you can use cleaning solutions for cleaning Quartz surfaces as Quartz isn’t damaged by the cleaning products unlike some other types of flooring material.



Quartz is a great option for use as a countertop material as it is stain and scratch-resistant and also heat resistant to a significant extent. If you clean the surface as soon as there is a pill there will be zero residual stains. Also, Quartz is low maintenance, highly durable, and super stylish, which makes a great addition to your homes. Quartz has a smooth finish which also makes working on Quartz surfaces much easier and comfortable. Quartz countertops in Denver are a great option for your kitchen.



Quartz is impermeable and durable which makes it a good choice for use as a backsplash. Since the backsplash is prone to getting wet on a regular basis, the impermeability of Quartz makes it an ideal option for such use. Also, Quartz is heat-resistant so not only the backsplash can withstand the water splashes but also any hot splashes that may result from cooking. Also, since the backsplash will withstand grease and oil from cooking on a regular basis, you need to clean the accumulated grease from time to time.

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