10 Essential Things To Know Before Going to Dubai


Dubai loves superlatives and is the must-visit city on everyone's bucket list because of the luxurious malls, glamorous skyscrapers, beautiful resorts, and fantastic eateries. It is the home to many record breakers and is the most visited destination in the world.

If you intend to enjoy a wonderful holiday in Dubai, then there are some essential things that you need to know to enjoy your time profoundly there.

1.The weekend is Friday and Saturday:

Weekend in Dubai comprises of Friday and Saturday, and many businesses are closed on Friday afternoon as Muslims gather for congregational prayer. If you intend to party here, then Thursday and Friday are the busiest nights while malls are packed with people until midnight.


2. Dubai is a Safer City:

UAE is the second safest country of the globe according to the WEF (World Economic Forum). Dubai is a safer city as compared to other big cities on the planet. The street crime is rare, and it is much safer to take taxis at night and walk around in most areas.


3. It is Incredibly Looking Forward:

Dubai has diversified its economy and has now become a hub for trade, tourism, finance, and transport. The government is also working with some high tech companies to develop flying drones, 3D organ, and driving cars.


4. World's Tallest Skyscraper:

Burj Khalifa is an iconic building in Dubai's skyline and stands at 828 meters height. Enjoy the stunning views from the observation deck of this world's tallest freestanding structure. Burj Khalifa at the top view will make you lost in the fantastic sight of the city, and you will wonder if the town was built to enjoy the impressive view from this tallest skyscraper of the world.

Burj Khalifa is located right beside the Dubai Mall in Downtown Dubai and has two observatory decks to witness the fantastic sights. The lower deck also referred to as the 'At the top' is at the height of 452 meters and was the world's highest observation deck when opened in 2010. However, the Canton Tower observatory deck in China surpassed this record which promoted the Burj Khalifa to open up a new deck. This second deck which is now the world's highest observation deck is referred to as 'at the Top sky' and is at the height of 555 meters.


5. Book Restaurants in Advance:

 If you intend to go out for dinner, then pick a restaurant and make a reservation there in advance as you can't easily rock up somewhere and get a table quickly in the famous eateries. You can also have a mesmerizing time with the dhow cruise dinner while being in this lovely city.


6. Show Respect During Ramadan:

If you are visiting Dubai during the holy month of Ramadan which is celebrated during the 9th month of the Islamic calendar, respect the Muslim's practice of fasting by not eating, drinking or smoking in public during the fasting time which is from the sunrise to the sunset.


7. Ask Permission Before Taking Picture:

Don't takes pictures of any government building, military institution, and airports as it comes under the violence of law of the city. Also, don't take snaps of locals without asking for their permission first. In such cases, the device will be seized, and the recordings will be destroyed. Many hotels in Dubai also won't allow you to take pictures without taking proper permission from the hotel management.


8. Eating and Drinking Inside Public Transport:

Chewing gums, eating or drinking in public transport is not allowed, and if you break the law, then you will have to pay a fine of 200AED.


9. What to Wear in Dubai?

Dubai is a part of UAE which is a Muslim country, so you need to bring with you the clothes that will allow you to dress modestly and follow the Islamic dressing.

No one is going to call fashion police if you dress inappropriately but its much better to think like a savvy traveler and respect the local culture of the city. Avoid the unwanted attention and respect the Muslim culture by following their dressing.


10. Evening Desert Safari:

Dubai desert safari is a must for travelers visiting UAE as it is a fantastic memory to share with your loved ones back home. The tour of Evening desert safari starts in the afternoon with many photos stops during a thrilling dune bashing on the golden desert. Camel riding, quad biking, and henna design are some of the most enjoyable activities of this trip.

Don't forget to capture the pictures of the beautiful sunset in the desert as it is quite lovely. The BBQ dinner is delicious, and the entertainment shows during this dinner are impressive.


Final Words:

Dubai is an emirate in UAE that has ultra-modern architecture, luxury shopping malls and a lively nightlife scene which attracts the tourists. It is a mystical city of which you might have heard a lot, but still, you don't know what to expect traveling there.


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