Factors to Consider When Choosing Tiles

When it comes to selecting tiles for your walls or floors, there are some very important factors you will want to take into consideration. Ensuring you purchase the finest quality that will blend in with your design theme with ease may seem daunting, but follow our simple steps and you will find the perfect clearance tiles to meet your particular design needs and budget with confidence.


The first an probably one of the most important factors to take into consideration is the purpose of the room. Is the room a kitchen, bathroom, entertainment space, high traffic area, children's play area? Knowing the purpose of each room you are buying tiles for will help you choose the right tiles that will be functional in the space. A good example is choosing ceramic tiles for your kitchen, these are non-porous, therefore they have strong anti bacterial properties.


From here you have to think about the effect that you want once the tiles are in place. Are you looking for one solid colour throughout or are you looking at creating patterns? Do you want textured wall tiles to create a feature wall in one of your living spaces? These are important factors to take into consideration to ensure that once the tiling is completed, you have the desired look you wanted to achieve.


In addition to this, it is very important to learn about the clearance tiles on offer to identify if they are porous or non-porous. Non porous tiles don't stain, they seldom burn and they don't harbour dangerous bacteria. Ensure you pay close attention to this when buying tiles either in store or online.


Pay very close attention to the care and maintenance instructions for each of the tiles. Clearance tiles are meant to make cleaning easy. Ideally you simple need to sweep any debris and then mop with mild detergent to get the tiles clean and looking great again. Ensure you focus on the care and maintenance, so you choose an easy maintenance free solution that will work best for you in the long run.


If you are looking for clearance tiles for your bathroom design, focus on whether they are non slip. Smooth and sleek tiles can cause chaos in the bathroom space, making the area very dangerous and putting your family at risk of serious slips and falls when getting in and out of the shower or bath. Tiles with some grip will reduce the risk, making these a much safer option moving forward.


Ensure you focus on the tile size. Clearance tiles come in all sizes and shapes including square and rectangular in large or small tiles. The tile size should be decided based on the room size, so you can put a design together that looks sophisticated and elegant and blends in seamlessly.


Further, you will want to choose your colour wisely. You would think it is a very basic decision when it comes to colour, but remember if you want to make a smaller room appear spacious, you need to choose light coloured clearance tiles. White or natural tones work beautifully in bathroom spaces, while kitchens enjoy a variety of colours and designs. Living spaces will always benefit from natural colours, which makes it easier when selecting furniture in the future.


The final big factor to consider is the grout colour. The grout colour can be the same as the tiles or slightly different to create a contrasting effect. This decision should be based on the room, the tile size and the tile colour.


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