3 Reasons Why You Need a Wooden Air Vent

Does pollution get on your nerves and make it harder for you to deal with your breathing problem and makes you want to stay at home? Sadly the air at your home is not as ‘clean’ as you perceive it to be. In fact, the pollution at your home might be much more than outside. Not only this, the problem gets much worse if your home is not properly ventilated. Mind you, if this is the case, you are not doing any good to your family and yourself.   If you have been long ignoring the importance of proper ventilation in your home on account of return vent filter grilles tarnishing the aesthetics of your home, it’s quite likely that you haven’t come across beautiful grilles till now.

If you are somewhat planning to get wooden air vent for your home but need a few more reasons to make that final move, here are 3 reasons why you need it:

Maintains healthy temperature- Do you often feel suffocated in your living room when you have a get together with your friends? This points out that your house is not properly ventilated and is quite likely to make you feel dizzy and irritable at times. Air vents ensure better ventilation by maintaining healthy air flow.

Controls dampness- Unnecessary moisture not only tarnishes your walls and cost you in monetary terms but also significantly affects your health.  A damp indoor setting breeds in bacteria and makes you more vulnerable to respiratory problems and allergies.

Adds an instant quirk to your home- If you hesitate using grilles thinking that they will cast an ugly look to your otherwise modern home, you haven’t explored all the available options yet. There are a good number of wooden air vent available that align perfectly with your existing home décor and even accentuate it.

It’s time to improve the quality of the air you breathe so that you can make your home a healthier place. What can be better if you can do this without compromising the visual appeal of your home? You can choose the return vent filter grille that suits your home the best or can get a custom one designed just for you.


Don’t know from where to get visually appealing grilles? PatternCut can be your

go- to

eStore offering a wide range of grilles that you can choose from.

know about some grilles detail 

The Wooden Molds

It is an ideal molding for all kinds of installation. These moldings come in a myriad of varieties; from varied wooden colors and textures.

However, there are some drawbacks to wooden molds. For an exceptional output, you may require a very skilled carpenter. Also, the molding may shrink and swell according to the temperature.



Plaster moldings are apt for interiors that are grand and for those who have a reasonable budget. It can carve out more intricate shadows which are more elaborate and elegant than wooden molds. The best part is it doesn't shrink or swell with the change in weather. However, it can come up with cracks due to water leakages in walls.

These moldings do not come as immediate off the shelf product, instead requires a lot of time to be formed into the desired outputs. Collectively it is not DIY products and requires professionals.


Flex molding

As the name suggests, it is ideal for curves and window bays. This rubbery material comes with a large number of profiles, and it can be carved without the need for relief cuts.

While it is less expensive than the custom carpentry job but it is still very costly and requires a particular order. Pattern cut is an expert in shipping these items for hotels, resorts, and commercial buildings. Along with these products, they also deal in air filter grille, vent grills and many decorative inputs for your place.

It is necessary that the space around the grills should be kept free of restriction, as it directly affects the whole system. Also, it should be kept in mind to keep the ducts and blowers, whether supply or return, clear as it ought to function optimally. Therefore, it becomes vital to maintain the hygiene levels of these ducts covered by the return air grille


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