Why We Love Underwater Survey Inspection (And You Should, Too!)

Why We Love Underwater Survey Inspection (And You Should, Too!)

Commercial deep-sea vessels are responsible for over 90 per cent of the world’s global trade. In B.C. there were over 300 commercial ocean-going vessels. Underwater surveyors perform a number of services that require a complex skillset based on training, experience and practical problem-solving abilities for tanker, container, bulk or break-bulk ship. Ship repair and maintenance service companies provide underwater survey inspections where inspectors report on and recommend a solution for any number of issues arising for owners and operators of the commercial ship either at sea or in port.


The additional charges for underwater surveyors range from in-water class surveys to hull cleaning to underwater video or photography surveys and sonar surveys to in-water ballast tank inspection and maintenance. To avoid costly haul-outs and dry dock situations, underwater surveys speed up inspection times. Underwater inspection checks whether the parts of the ship require repairing or not, check the seaworthiness of a ship and check out whether the ship follows all the rules and regulations of IMO or not. Underwater inspection saves time and money as it does not require dry-docking to conduct the method. Underwater survey inspections have become the most common inspection since large vessels require regular inspection.


Let’s take a look at the important topic of underwater survey inspection

  1. What are the services of an underwater inspection?
  2. What are the reasons for conducting an underwater inspection?
  3. What are the advantages of an underwater inspection?



What are the services of an underwater inspection?

  • Hull inspection
  • Propeller inspection
  • Cleaning of parts
  • Wet welding
  • Anode replacement
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Ballast test inspection
  • Photography surveys



What are the reasons for conducting an underwater inspection?

Conducting an underwater inspection is important for safety purposes.

       I.            General underwater Inspection

To analyse the vessel’s structural integrity is the primary goal of the divers for conducting the general underwater inspection. While conducting the inspection, divers inspect the damages to hull plates, fouling on hull surfaces, the roughness of the propeller, rudder, mussels on sea gratings, any leakage and cracks on the propeller. General underwater inspection checks if all the parts of the ship are in condition or not.

    II.            Pre-sale inspection or pre/post charter inspection

A pre-sale inspection is conducted before purchasing a vessel to know its condition. Underwater inspection is performed by commercial divers or ROVs to interpret the current condition of the vessel and it is also conducted to make a detailed report when insurance company needs them for their own use. A detailed report is made before or after the ship is given on lease since it is important for operation.

 III.            Inspection before dry-docking

Dry-docking is considered a costly and time-consuming method therefore it is better to conduct an inspection before dry-docking since it not only saves money but also precious time. When repair areas are identified before dry-docking it allows saving time as repairing are completed at the earliest.

 IV.            Removing the unwanted species

To reduce the future maintenance cost and in order to produce a smooth surface for safety, it is suggested to conduct underwater inspections because it is required to remove the unwanted species that gets accumulated in the bottom of the ship. When the bottom of the ship is smooth and maintained it enhance the performance and appearance of the ship.


What are the advantages of an underwater inspection?

Reasons to love underwater survey inspections are its advantages-

  • Save time- when the underwater inspection is conducted it saves time for the shipowner since it finds out if there is any need for maintenance service required by the ship before the ship sails.
  • Cost-effective- underwater inspection is considered a cost-effective method as it helps to eliminate all the unnecessary charges like repairing and polishing charge of the ship’s part.
  • Enhances ship’s performance- underwater survey inspection ensures proper maintenance and repairs when required that results in improving and maintaining the ship performance.



The article explains why we love underwater survey inspection (And You Should, too!) The article highlights all the advantages and reasons to conduct the underwater inspection survey. Therefore, it is suggested to conduct an underwater survey inspection for better ship’s performance.




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