Explaining the public records of Montana

Each state of the US has its own definitions and guidelines to view and access the respective state records. This article has been penned down to provide the citizens of Montana with some insights on what are the public records and how a citizen can access the public records in the state.

The Definitions:

There are two kinds of records: The public records and the private records.

The public records are records or writing pertaining to the acts of the sovereign authority of the state, the official bodies, and public officers, judicial, legislative and executive of the state of Montana or any other state of the USA or of any foreign country. All these records are accessible except for those that are protected from disclosure in the constitution.

The private records are those public records that are documented based on some private writings and this includes electronic mail as well. These records too are accessible by the public except for the ones protected from disclosure constitutionally.

Further, the public records or writings are divided into the following categories:

  • Laws
  • Judicial records
  • Official Documents
  • The other private writings
  • Demanding the public records

Every citizen has the fundamental right to inspect access and ask for a copy of any public records from the state except for those that are protected from disclosure from the state of law. Any public officer, who is in charge of the public records, should provide the access to the records if a citizen needs it after paying the legal fees for the same. Even the copies of these documents are deemed as original in a few exceptional cases. This provision is not available in the electronic copy of the document.

All the records that are subject to non-disclosure do not come under these provisions. The information that is kept hidden from the public is the information of an individual privacy in the state and that disclosure of the same exceeds the merits of the public disclosure of the Montana State Records.

To provide a smooth and functional institutionalization of the union of two families, the Montana Legal Jurisdiction makes it mandatory for all the citizens to register their marriage with the Montana Marriage Record after getting married.

Every individuals after getting married in Montana must fill in the application. In order to file for the registration, they need to provide $ 53 to the Montana Marriage License Bureau. In order to get married in Montana, one must not be below 16 years of age. But in case of female, and especially those below 50 years of age. They need to submit the Reubella Blood Test. At the same time, every spouse is required to submit the application with a proof of age and State ID. After fulfilling these specific guidelines, they can get the marriage registered.

A public officer has the right to withhold any of the information that is supposed to be kept confidential from the public. These records will include sever criminal cases, information pertaining to critical health of the citizens, correctional facilities, information on prisons and penalties, if the release of such information can jeopardise the safety of the personnel in the state.

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