Changing name on the driver’s license after marriage

This article deals with ways in which you can change your name on the driver’s license after marriage. Going through the process of marriage can be overwhelming. It can be a huge deal even after the marriage if there is a change in name involved. A change in name means a lot of legal work and procedure. One has to change the name in different markers of one’s identity such as the driver’s license, the passport, the social security card, etc. This article focuses on the name-change procedure on the driver’s license.

Starting point: The social security number-

Perhaps the best place to begin with is the Social Security Card. So, one must first go for the change in name on the social security card. Having the new name on the social security card, makes the process easier for a person. A person, thus, can easily change the name on other records such as back accounts or apply for different things such as a job, rent an apartment, etc, if the name on the critical documents, such as the social security card, has been changed. A form has to be filled and applied for the change in name on the social security card. For additional information or guidance in the process, one can directly get in touch with the social security administration. Although the application can be filled online, it has to be submitted offline. The application has to be submitted along with your identity documents. A certified copy of the marriage certificate is also to be submitted. This can be done either in person or by mailing the same to them. The original documents are of course returned back to you with new Social Security Card.

However, a judge can determine later if the probable cause was valid or not. To determine if the probable cause was enough to warrant an arrest, the police must provide enough information to prove that the probable cause was indeed valid.

In case an individual is acquitted, establishing and proving the probable cause makes sure that the police officers do no face lawsuits when they arrest someone, and the individuals are acquitted.

Understand the procedure of procuring drivers license in the state-

The process of issuing driver’s license is completely a matter of the State. This means that the procedure to procure license may vary from one state to another. Hence, it becomes important for an applicant to know and understand the process in his/her respective state.

Gather the documents required-

Documents are required to be produced for the change in the name. Although this may vary to some extent (as some states want a lot of documents and the others want only a handful of documents), most documents asked in almost all states are common. This is what an applicant may need to submit:

-a certified copy of your birth certificate (which you can get from the vital records office of the state where one is born).

-in case one has been previously married, a certified document of the marriage is required.

-proof of one’s home address. One can also submit bank statements, utility bills, rental documents, etc as the proof of the address.

-proof of one’s citizenship.

-A certified copy of one’s recent marriage.

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