A Beginner’s Guide to Setting Up Home Projector System

A home theatre projector is a significant purchase and a step towards fulfilling your dream of binge-watching movies on a big screen at home. Once the wonderful gadget is home, you won’t be able to control the excitement of shrinking into the cozy recliner and watch your favourite flicks. You are only a step away from it, but you will have to put in some efforts to make the projector work. Let’s get started about how to set up the home projector system.

Choose the location

We believe that you would have done the homework of finding the right space to install a projector, but if you haven’t done it, let us share the tips. Remember that you need enough space for projection, because of bigger the projection, better the experience. If you want images to be bigger, you need to keep the projector at a larger distance. The best way is to mount the projector on the ceiling so that you don’t come in between the path of the beam.

Plug the wires and turn the system on

Once you have decided if you want to mount the projector system on a ceiling or put it on the table at a distance that doesn’t distort the quality of the image, it’s time to switch it on. Connect cable box, game console, or whatever gadget you have to the system. Don’t forget to connect running HDMI cables between the projector and source. When everything is plugged, it’s time to switch it on.

Project an image

If you want the image to look best, you need a reference still pattern. Though advanced projectors come with a built-in test pattern, if it’s not present in your system, download an image online. The next step is to line up the centre of the lens with the centre of your projector screen. Zoom in and out to size the image accurately. Keep adjusting the focus till the image becomes sharp.

Select the picture mode

Projectors have preset picture modes, and you need to choose the right one. If you prefer watching pictures in a dark room, select ‘movie’ or ‘cinema’ mode. If there’s ambient light in the room, opt for a brighter mode.

Check the sound

Though most projectors come with built-in speakers, they might not have a good sound quality. If you want the feel of a movie theatre, pay attention to the sound system. There’s no need to spend a lot on a complete sound system, but go for decent powered speakers or a Bluetooth speaker.

You are almost there!

Image check, light check, sound check. You are almost done. It’s time to play your favourite videos or games on the big screen and enjoy your gadget.

Final Words

Setting up a projector system is not difficult, but make sure you don’t do it in a hurry. If required, you can ask a professional to help you with setting up the system because they might do it in less time and have more experience in installation. Also, to get the most out of the investment, make sure that you get the best projector screen.

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