Celebrity Matchmaker is in The Spotlight For A Good Cause

Celebrity Matchmaker is in The Spotlight For A Good Cause

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By Jeff Henderson

The 38-year-old Peruvian born celebrity matchmaker & influencer George Cervantes is helping the local animal charities in Los Angeles. George Cervantes is a professional matchmaker who became popular for opening the first ever matchmaking service that caters exclusively to celebrities looking for love. He lives in Los Angeles and volunteers with local animal organizations in the area. George spends his weekends helping the local shelters in any way he can and is always encouraging people to come out and help out as well.

George also helped local animal organizations in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where he is originally from. He helped the local Humane Society for almost 10 years before moving to Los Angeles, California where he lives now and has a matchmaking office.

Mr. Cervantes got involved with local animal organizations by accident the day he went to adopt a cat and saw that the shelters were in need of people to help. He adopted 6 cats over the years and is a full out animal advocate for the local animal organizations in the East Coats and West Coast where he now lives.

The 38-year-old matchmaker is constantly encouraging people to come out and help out and uses his celebrity influence to help out local animal organizations in any way he can. George wants more people to come out and volunteer to help out the shelters by walking the dogs, playing with the cats, feeding the animals and cleaning out litters and cages.

Helping out goes a long way to take some of the load away from the workers at the local shelters who are often doing more than they can handle. Animals at the local shelters enjoy seeing new people come in and it relieves their stress, plus helping out at the local shelters will make you feel great and accomplished that you have done something nice to help out animals in need. Even just a  few minutes on the weekends will make a huge difference in the lives of those poor animals with no homes.

Shelters are always in need of people to come out and support and for those that don’t have time, there is always the option to donate a few dollars to help the shelters buy food, bedding and medicine for the animals.

Those who would like to help out the local animal organizations in LA can do so by visiting:


About George Cervantes:

George Cervantes is a professional celebrity matchmaker, changing the lives of men and women across the nation. For George, nothing is more inspiring and rewarding than watching romance blossom between a couple that he introduced at his elite matchmaking firm in Los Angeles, California. Knowing these people may have never found each other without his help is what motivates him day after day.

George was drawn to the field of matchmaking 12 years ago. His insightful people-skills, spot-on compatibility radar, an innate gift for attracting the right matches, have been the magic formula behind many long-lasting relationships, both on the East Coast, where he is originally from, and now throughout California.

Prior to matchmaking, George was a professional New York City model and fashion influencer modeling for several major brands and appearing in a few commercials and doing a few fashion shows.

George is the owner of several matchmaking services across the nation including George the Matchmaker in Harrisburg, PA and Celebrity Matchmakers in Los Angeles, CA. He works with singles of all ages and helps them find their ideal partner through private introductions at his matchmaking & dating services.


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