Going to Accra, Ghana

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Accra is the capital city of Ghana which is outlined on its east with the Atlantic Ocean. Set in the same time zone as the UK, its climate is quite tropical compared to northern Ghana which is essentially dry and desert climate. As a developing country, Accra has a lot to offer to upcoming tourists. There are plenty of places to visit in and around the city. As Ghana is relatively a small country, travelling from Accra to neighbouring cities such as Cape Coast and Kumasi is easy for constant travelers as well. There are a plenty of flights flying to this city all through the year, compare to choose the one that best fits within your budget at Travelheyday and enjoy your holidays.

The beach

Beaches are usually the centre of attraction in any place. Tourists are attracted to beautiful sunny beaches. Since Accra is a coastal city, there is no dearth for beaches. The Labadi beach is visited by a hoard of tourists every year. Other than swimming in the ocean blue water, there is a lot more that one can do. There are little markets by the beach for locally produced markets. Several cafes and restaurants with Ghanaian food and continental food are available for those who want to test their taste buds. There are local entertainments in the form of dancing, pony rides and drumming as well. A drive from Cape Coast is also basically a drive by the side of the beach and is worth every moment.

Other attractions

The National Museum in Accra is fascinating with Ghana’s rich culture and history. Time at the Museum is time worth spent. The Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park is a monumental park built in memory and respect of Kwame Nkrumah who was instrumental in the country’s independence. The bronze statues and fountains are spectacular. The Independence Square in Accra hosts the Eternal Flame of African Liberation that was lit by Kwame Nkrumah. It is a vast space made in concrete. Photos cannot be taken in this place but it is worth keeping the memory. There are other memorials and libraries that are tourist attractions in the city.

For those who are not big on history, the fishing centre at Jamestown will surely be an attraction. It is a very old part of Accra and not many tourists flock here but they don’t know what they are missing. For those who have visited Jamestown can say that it is quite memorable. The lighthouse and the colonial fort are in this area and the Independence Square is also close by. From the lighthouse moving forward, one can visit the largest fishing harbour in Ghana.
The Makola market in Ghana is also a must visit for shopaholics. Buy authentic local fabrics and designs, traditional household items, coloured handbags and more. The National Cultural Centre and the Kaneshie market are also strong attractions.

Visit Ghana this year

Ghana is a small and beautiful country with several attractions for a traveler’s mind. Travelheyday is ready to help make your trip to Accra this year memorable. Compare cheap flights to Accra on our site, choose hotels, even select flights within Ghana you would like to visit and we will make it happen. Partner with us today and enjoy your journey to its best.

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