Effective Job Search Networking

Job search professionals advise that job seekers use networking as a main tool in the job search. Networking sounds challenging, but the process does not have to be hard.
Each day people leave jobs and employers look for employees to fill those same jobs. A job seeker often does not hear about these jobs unless he has a connection to the employer. This same job seeker could learn about more job openings with effective use of networking. Some common places to network include place of employment, educational institutions, and personal organizations.

Place of Employment
Networking on the job does not always mean the job seeker is looking to work for a different company. A job seeker may network with other departments or supervisors to find a position that may better fit his job skills or career goals. However, a job seeker who is looking to change companies can learn a great deal by networking within her own company. Knowledge of suppliers, competitors, and other companies which are associated with the employer may open up job leads. These type of contacts are places to start researching potential employment without being blatant about the job search.

If networking at the place of employment, a job seeker must follow some ground rules. First and foremost, networking for new employment should not effect current job performance. Making contacts is okay, but if an employee does not perform well on the job, it can reflect adversely on her when seeking references. Next, an employee must know the workplace culture. If looking for another job is taboo, an employee would be wise to keep the job search to himself. In other workplaces, it is common for employees to always be watching for opportunities. If this is the case, a job seeker may use this attitude to help her job search.

Educational Institutions
A job seeker who is new to the job market or just completing a degree may find a wonderful place to network at the school he attends. Most instructors or professors have some connections outside of the academic world that can help graduating students find jobs like some professional nurse resume writers that can help with a career start. Often times, a student only ask these individuals about career opportunities to learn about companies looking for quality employees.

Another group of people to network with in a school or college is other students. Often times students do a great deal of research on companies and career opportunities. Many of the companies or opportunities are not a fit for one particular student, but may be for another. Discussing interests with other students may prove to be useful for the job searcher.

Personal/Professional Organizations
Most individuals belong to at least one organization. Any organization from PTO to church to a fraternal club may prove to be fertile ground for networking. Individuals from varying backgrounds belong to each of these organizations. Each person may be more than willing to share these leads if the job seeker only asks or mentions her job search.

Another manner in which professional organizations may prove to be helpful is the use of a website or electronic bulletin board by the job applicant. By posting on these boards, the job searcher has the opportunity to make numerous contacts. These contacts may be made with individuals in other cities, states or even other countries. These contacts are yet another diverse source of employment information.

When seeking a new career or just a new job, networking will prove to be an additional useful tool for the job seeker. Actively seeking out contacts in a variety of environments provides the greatest exposure to additional career opportunities. Individuals aspiring to a better career will benefit from practicing networking skills in each of these places.

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